Low Cost DIY Projects for your home

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DIY home projects can be a fun experience for the family to do together or if you want some alone time with your own thoughts. If you want to spruce up your living space and be creative give some of these ideas a try.

Low Cost DIY Projects for your home

Plant Some Herbs

Plant some herbs in your garden or window ledge. A kitchen garden is a lovely way to create edible plants in a small space in your kitchen. Herbs, such as Basil or Mint are very easy to grow. They will look pretty but also taste delicious. It is refreshing to check on the progress of your plants every day, watch them grow and then be able to cook delicious dishes with fresh herbs or make a fresh mint tea.

Choosing the right herb to invest your green finger time in can be difficult but really there are only a couple of things you need to consider. Firstly it needs to be a herb that you enjoy eating and secondly, you need to have the space and ideal climate/conditions to grow it. The former you can answer yourself quite easily but the latter may require a bit of help to point you in the right direction.

The Brittanica list of herbs and spices website has a comprehensive list of all the herbs and spices, detailing the size they are capable of growing to, their origins and climate and space required to grow them.

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Make Use of Organic Waste

If you have some outdoor space, something that can help your kitchen garden, and reduce waste in landfills, is a compost bin. Compost bins turn your food scraps into nutrient-rich fertilizer for your plants. The Compost needs to have three parts of greens, browns, and water.

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What to Use for Composting

For the Greens use plant trimmings, vegetable peelings or fruit waste, old coffee grounds, and eggshells. Browns are dead leaves, sawdust, corn stalks, paper, coffee filters, and cardboard. There are many tutorials online on how to build the right environment for your compost bin. This is positive to reduce waste and will make your plants and garden burst with health.

Most councils in the UK councils have a compost bin collection service and your local council will also have guidelines on what to put in your recycling and rubbish bins. For more info just have a look on the Gov.uk local council website.

Stuff you can add to your compost bin

  • Coffee grinds (also great to add to the soil in your garden), coffee filters, Teabags, tea leaves.

  • Cooked and raw foods such as dairy products, Peelings and unwanted leftovers, fruit, vegetables, bread.

  • Grass cuttings, clippings, leaves, twigs, weeds

  • Napkins, paper bags, paper plates, paper food wrapping.

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Breathe New Life into an Old Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen can be an expensive ordeal. But who said you need to get the builders into spruce up the kitchen a little? If you want to revive your kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank. There are peel-and-stick tiles online that are easy to install. Choose a design that compliments your wall colour or select whole sheets that will cover your entire cupboard door.

A good place to start is around your cooker, to rejuvenate the splashback. Some peel-and-stick backsplashes are removable. This is very useful if you are renting your property. You can install them in your kitchen without any damage and then take them off without having to worry about upsetting the landlord.

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Replace Cupboard Handles or Knobs

To add a fun and fresh look to an old dresser or to the kitchen cabinets, you can switch the knobs. Etsy, for example, has a bunch of unique knobs at an affordable price. You should keep in mind the configuration holes in place for the knob. If you purchase a knob that requires two holes, but your dresser only has one, it can be more challenging to cover up the hole or create new ones.

Try Upcycling and Re-purposing Furniture

A little bit more daring than the knob change is repurposing furniture. Look in your home for items of furniture that could be updated or renewed. Such as an old bench or stool. There are so many options when repurposing furniture. You can stain the wood, paint it another colour, or even tear it apart to create something new. This is a more time-consuming DIY project but very rewarding when completed.

Use Accent Walls to Bring in a Burst of Colour

Accent walls are a great way to update a lifeless room without doing a full redecoration of the room, which is cheaper and much less work. You can choose to paint an entire wall in your living room, use a patterned wallpaper, or just paint an archway near your dresser.

If you are good at painting, you can even create a unique design to make your wall a work of art. Use your imagination when choosing a colour! A good idea is to test out colours with samples first, this helps you see how the colour will work in your space and lighting.

There are so many projects you can take on that will not overwhelm you time-wise or financially. Making little bits of improvement here and there helps you to de-stress and makes your home environment more personal and comforting. Go ahead! Make little changes one step at a time and before you know it you will have re-decorated your whole house

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