Earn Cash for Every Person You Refer To Our Competitions

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We are pleased to announce that we are now paying £1 for every person your refer to enter one of our competitions.

Earn Cash for Every Person You Refer To Our Competitions

Growing our member and subscriber base is now something everyone can help with and you will earn cash rewards for every new member you refer to us.

When you refer someone that enters any of our competitions, we will add a reward of £1 to your digital wallet where you will be able to keep a track of all the people you have referred to us. Plus, it details which competition your referral entered and how much each referral has earned for you.

How often do you launch new competitions?

Each month we launch 2 or 3 new competitions and naturally we would like as many people to enter them as possible. That's where you come in. As a member of Offer Oasis, you can now use a unique referral link to share on social media platforms, on blogs and even directly in emails and for every new member your refer, we will add £1 to your digital wallet.

When you've earned £5 (that's just 5 referrals) we will process your digital wallet and you will be able to request payment by Amazon eGift Card or via Paypal payment.

We also try and launch seasonal competitions to help drive interest during high peak times of the year such as Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, New Year and any other big occasion such as sporting events and more.

Enter our daily £10 Amazon eGift Card Giveaway to get your referral link!

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Our Daily Amazon eGift Card giveaway is a great place to start with referrals. Every day we choose a winner and announce them on the page.

What is my Digital Wallet?

Every member of this site has access to their own digital wallet which you can navigate to after logging in to the members area. Your digital wallet does exactly what it says on the tin - it's where all your earnings from referrals are displayed and saved.

Members can keep an eye on the referrals you've provided by looking at your digital wallet page. Each referral is itemised so that you can see exactly how many people you have referred and how much you will be paid for each person.

When you've earned £5 (that's just 5 referrals) we will process your digital wallet and you will be able to request payment by Amazon eGift Card or via Paypal payment. In the near future we will also make direct bank trasfers possible.

When can I expect to get paid for my referrals?

We process everyone's digital wallet every Wednesday. That means each week, if you've earned £5 or more, you will be entitled to a payment. If you haven't earned the minimum of £5, then we just roll over until the next week or until you have reached £5 before we confirm your earnings and set you up for a payment.

We also offer members the chance to earn some bonus cash to help bump up their earnings by sending out surveys where we ask a few questions and reward you with a cash bonus into your Digital Wallet account.

Where do I pick up my referral links?

Your unique referral links can be found in the members home page area and there is also a link to your referral links for each of our competition on the Digital Wallet page.

At the moment we have a Daily Free Amazon Gift Card giveaway which has been running for over a year and will be running for a prolonged period.

Other competitions have an end date when we have to close the competition and announce winner(s). In these cases we tend to transfer people who click through your refrral link to the most recent competition or to the Amazon Free £10 Gift Card Daily promotion.

If you experience any issues logging in, just use the request password feature or email us directly using the Contact Us form.

Image 2
Referrals in your digital wallet are itemised so that you can see which competitions are generating the most interest and rewards

Where can i post my referral links?

You can post your referral links on social media sites, blog sites and even email them directly to people you know or have permission to send emails to.

When a person clicks on your referral link and signs up on our site, you will earn a cash reward which will show up instantly in your digital wallet. If that person has already signed up on our site, you will not earn a reward for that particular sign up.

If you are a member of any related Facebook groups that share and promote competitions and freebies, that would be a great place to start. However, please do not break the rules of that group and please do not spam your referral links. Spamming in social media groups and blog posts will only get you banned from that group or blog and we will also have to stop accepting traffic from your referal links.

If you own your own blog site, we highly recommend you add your referral link on your home page or any other page where you think you could generate some interest.

Plus, if you add our link to your blog site and you contact us to let us know and send us a link to your blog where we can see the link, we will add a bonus of between £10-£50 to your digital wallet.

Do's and Don'ts

This feature needs to be used within the guidelines below in order to keep the service running and to ensure there are no delays to your payments.

Please do the following with your referral links

  • DO - Promote your referral link on your social feed.
  • DO - Add your referral link to your blog or blogs comments you frequent.
  • DO - Send your referral link to friends and family members via direct email
  • DO - Share your referral link in Facebook and other related groups that you are an active member of.
  • DO - Promote your referral link in related forums that you're an active member of.

Please DON'T do the following with your referral links

  • DON'T - Spam your referral link ANYWHERE!
  • DON'T - Mislead people as to what they are signing up for.
  • DON'T - Use your own link to sign up - You won't be compensated.
  • DON'T - Post your referral link on sites outside the US. It won't count.
  • DON'T - Mention that you will be earning a reward for your referral.

Reasons why some referrals may not be awarded

There are several reasons why we may either block or reject a refferal.

The main reason why we may block a referal is because the email address of the person who signed up is already a member on our site. We can't pay twice for the same referral.

We also block or reject all referrals that don't have a UK Ip address. Our system checks each referral's ip address at the point of sign up and if we find that ip address to be from outside of the UK, we will either block or reject it.

We may also block referrals that have come through from certain proxy servers or VPN's. In many cases, people use VPN's and proxy servers to cloak their origianl IP address. In these cases, if we are not able to resove the ip address to a genuine UK ISP or VPN server, we will have to reject or block the referall.

We also monitor the quality of the referrals that sign up on our site. If we find that lots of people you have referred quickly unsubscribe from our site we may have to reject some or all of the referrals. We can only pay for people who are genuinley interested in our competitions and webiste. Naturally, people do unsubscribe from websites they do like and that's not a problem but if people sign up and then unsubscribe or never open or respond to emails, it's a strong indicator that that person is of very little value to us, which will impact on how much we are able to pay you.

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