Simple Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

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Adding small pops of colour to your kitchen can make it a brighter, happier space. Whether you live in a rental or have a limited budget, these low-cost ideas will help you add a personal touch without breaking the bank.

Simple Ways to Add Colour to Your Kitchen

Wall Decals & Wallpaper

Wallpaper and decals should never be limited to certain rooms in a house. They can add instant colour to your kitchen without damaging any walls or being a permanent commitment. Designs are no longer stuck in the 80s, making modern kitchen inspiration ideas achievable.

Whether you choose to wallpaper an entire wall, backsplash, ceiling, or simply add a decal, there are thousands of colourful patterns to choose from. Many businesses also offer custom designs if you want to add something more artistic than what's available in store.

Bold Countertops

Kitchen countertops are the perfect spot to add bright colours and designs. It's an unexpected, bold move and can serve as the ultimate touch to your otherwise ordinary kitchen. A wide variety of designs, materials, and finishes are available, ensuring that you'll find something you're attracted to.

To create contrast in your kitchen, add lively colours to your countertops that pop off cabinetry. If you prefer a minimalistic effect, you can opt for a patterned design with stripes or textures. Materials like copper add a warm, soft glow when sealed, and you can have concrete customized by staining it, adding texture, and using different finishes.

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Colourful Seating

Eliminate matching chairs for a low-cost kitchen update that delivers big results! You can paint your existing chairs, replace them with more exciting options, or switch up slipcovers and cushions for an instant change.

Think outside of the box when redecorating your kitchen seating. Mix chairs up with different colours or use citrus hues to really bring out that kitchen feel.

On Adjustable Bar Chairs Breakfast Dining Stools.

Don't feel limited by solid colours, either. Dip the legs of your kitchen chairs in a bright blue or yellow while keeping the rest of it classic. If you'd like to keep a simple aesthetic, add a pop of colour with vintage upholstery.

Dazzle your dish towels

Dishtowels are inexpensive, accessible, and can add just the right amount of excitement for those who are wary of colour in the kitchen. Bright's and pastels both work excellent, and swapping your dishtowels from plains to patterns now and then, will give your kitchen a regular boost.

If you have one too many white dish towels, consider dying them. Tie-dyeing is an exciting project to undertake, and your finished dishtowels will pop against a white wall.

Spice up Appliance

This two-in-one tip infuses your kitchen with colour while updating your old appliances! Manufacturers help you add a pop of colour to your kitchen with both large and small appliances available in different palettes. Start small with colourful gadgets in the same shade and style. If a mix of colours is more your style, make sure they complement one another.

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You can use appliance paint if you're not in the market for new appliances or shop around thrift stores to see if you can find a bargain. Vintage items can add an exciting flair to a modern kitchen, while patterns can personalize your theme.

Vibrant Dinnerware

You may think that brightly coloured dinnerware is only used in children's dining, but the truth is that colourful mugs and plates can set the mood of your kitchen. While white tableware is timeless, adding colour to your dining set is a quick and easy improvement for a bland kitchen.

Match your plates up with kitchen linen or choose an accent colour from a nearby room. Use pastels if you like a cute retro feel and bright tones to make a statement. You can also play it on the safe side and choose plates with a patterned rim to make a small change.

Add Life with a Rug

Another easy way to upgrade your kitchen is by adding a cosy yet stylish rug. Vibrant colours can add a kick to neutral kitchens, while patterns can tie a wooden table and colourful vases or artwork together.

On Safari Animal Black & White Zebra Stripe Print Rug.

Choose a rug that can withstand a lot of foot traffic and don't feel limited with oversized rugs - a narrow runner rug will work great in small spaces!

Luckily no rules exist to limit you with kitchen colours. Choose a colour or pattern you love and create your own kitchen colour story.

For more kitchen design inspiration, tips and pics, you can't go wrong with Houzz Kitchen Ideas and Designs. Visit them for loads of ideas based on budget, style and much more. These guys love kitchens.

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