Simple Fashion Tips That Save You Money and Space

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The key pieces of clothing you need in your wardrobe to make your life 'Minimal'.

Simple Fashion Tips That Save You Money and Space

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism is a lifestyle that involves people living with only what they need rather than want. It is a different approach from what we are shown in our society where consumerism is encouraged and thrives.

Minimalism focuses only on the necessary and simple things in life. The lifestyle is all about having things that have more than one use and not putting an emphasis or sentiment on material things.

A minimalist wardrobe helps you have a better sense of your style and is good for the planet. Here are some ways to get a minimalist wardrobe.

Why Have a Minimalist Wardrobe?

Nowadays, so many brands emerge, so many collections are launched, you get flooded with ads about new jeans or a jacket. It is easy to get stuck in the hook of consumerism and ending up with a closet full of clothes with tags on them. But you still stare at it saying you have nothing to wear. That is where a minimalist wardrobe comes in.

No clothes mountains allowed when you take the plunge into making your wardrobe minimalist, you should try to either sell or donate the clothes you no longer get any use out of. This will help open up space in your wardrobe and allows you to organise it better, since it won't be overflowing with never-worn pieces of clothing.

What is the Environmental Impact?

The U.S. alone is responsible for throwing away 13 million tons of clothing every single year. Fast fashion companies are unethical both to the environment and their employees. A minimalist wardrobe allows you to have pieces that will last much longer and from brands that treat their employees well and aren't a detriment to the planet.

Once you get your wardrobe situated and fully organised you will be surprised at how much free time you have, you won't be mindlessly scrolling through websites or magazines to find clothes. Instead, you will be satisfied with the pieces you have in your closet.

This also means you won't be mindlessly spending money on a basic t-shirt from a fast fashion company that will last you a couple of months. Minimalist clothing is of a higher quality that will last you much longer than fast fashion.

Starter Clothes for Your Wardrobe

When figuring out what essential pieces to have in your wardrobe, there are a couple of things that are good to invest in. You should start with the things you wear on a daily basis. Basic tees are great because you can wear them with anything in any weather. You can wear them with a blazer and a skirt for a professional setting, or with jeans and a leather jacket when going out with your friends.

During the colder months, it is important to have a good and long-lasting winter jacket. As spring and summer approach, a good option is a denim or leather jacket. These pieces can work with any outfit and are always in style.

When creating your minimalist wardrobe, it is important to have that one dress that can be dressed up or down. A lot of your wardrobe should have pieces that work for various settings by just changing the accessories that go with it. For example, a little black dress can be worn with trainers and a denim jacket for a casual look. To transfer the same dress for an evening look, add some heels, jewellery and a blazer and you will look evening ready for a party or date.

Jeans might be the most difficult thing to find out there. If you have found the cut that you like, it is good to have two or three pairs of jeans in your wardrobe. They usually work with any outfit for smart or casual. It is good to have a dark blue or black pair for dressing up and a lighter wash denim for casual days.

Workout/Athleti-wear Outfit

The popularity of Work-out clothes and activewear is at an all-time high these days. This is because of the athleisure wear trend. We can be comfortable and still look stylish with this current trend there is another bonus, you can also exercise and be active in cool clothing

It is a good idea to buy two full workout outfits, which should include bottoms, a sports bra, and a top. That way you don't have to worry when one of your workout outfits is in the wash. But remember that you only need it if you work out multiple times a week. If you have time between workouts, just buy one.

We can all reduce how much we buy

Minimalism is a great way to not get caught up in having a mountain of clothes in your closet yet having nothing to wear. This lifestyle can be helpful for you to get a better sense of your own style and helps a lot when getting ready for a night out. Not to mention that it's great for the environment.

If you have a good sort out of your current clothes, reduce what you no longer use, by re-cycling, re-selling or donating to charity. You can reduce your clothes mountain and then when buying something new make sure that it will fit with your minimalist outlook. If we were all a bit more decerning when making purchases, it will play a big part in helping the environment.

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