Top 6 Must-See Beaches In Malaga

With history-rich architecture and a calendar year with more sun than anyone could ask for, Malaga is a place that has a lot to offer. From botanical gardens and sandy beaches to gastronomy and influential art districts, it has become one of the more sought-after destinations for travellers around the world.

Top 6 Must-See Beaches In Malaga

Malaga, being nearly 3000 years old, showcases architectural influences from multiple cultures within its city's centre. Influences from the Roman and Islamic past cannot help but shine through when walking the streets, and the melting pot of cultures created a city that is one of a kind.

To this day the impressive architecture can be experienced and seen at all times - whether that be sitting down for a tapa or partying at one of the many festivals that take place over the summer.

When wandering the city, one can discover the Roman monuments which pay tribute to Malaga's eclectic past. Alongside these monuments, there is an even greater presence left by the Romans in the shape of amphitheatres, cathedrals, and churches.

Though history has shaped the city, it's the modern touch from buildings such as the La Rosaleda Stadium and the Pompidou which make this city unique.

Some of the must-see attractions include the Mercado Central de Atarazanas, La Manquita, the Gibralfaro, and the 11th century built La Alcazaba, which overlooks the city with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean.

With the popularly coined nickname 'City of Museums', one can be quick to expect, a day or two filled with intellectual nuance. Boasting 20 museums, dedicated to both religious and contemporary art, and historical artefacts.

The popular Pablo Picasso's Birthplace Museum is among the many art galleries that this city has to offer. Furthermore, it will come as no surprise (or maybe it will) that Malaga also has a SOHO Art District.

The SOHO Art District is a creative area that promotes the alternative culture lifestyle, with street art from some of the most iconic graffiti artists in the world.

All that aside, let's circle back to the second point, the sun! With the average temperature being 21°C and 320 days of sunlight a year, Malaga is the ideal destination, year-round! With all this sunlight and beautiful weather, this makes the beach an absolute must. The only question being, which one?

Top 6 Beaches To Visit In Malaga

For this article, we've used various data points such as trip advisor reviews, to bring together a list of the top 6 beaches you won't want to miss when on your trip to Malaga. Continue reading, to find out which seaside locations make our top 6 list.

1. Malagueta Beach

Malagueta is the most popular beach in Malaga. It's situated at the focal point of the city and has dark sand and shorelines that extend 1200m in length.

As Malagueta is one of the more popular beaches in Malag, its no surprise that it's 'traveller friendly' and caters for everyone. With numerous bistros, eateries, shopping, children's playground areas, showers, and sunbeds. Without a doubt, it's the most reasonable beach to go to as a family, because there is something for everyone.

At La Misericordia, you'll find a few bars and restaurants where you can sample all the different culinary staples of Southern Spain. From paella to fried anchovies, you're guaranteed to leave happy and full!

2. Guadalmar Beach

Located near the Natural Park of the Desembocadura del Rio Guadalhorce is a diamond in the rough, by the name of Guadalmar Beach.

Covering over 64 hectares of protected land and home to various species of wildlife, this beach becomes a bridging point for migratory birds going to and from Africa. That being said, it should be no surprise that this beach is one of a kind and is the only authorized naturalist beach in the city of Malaga.

3. San Andres Beach

Located on the West coast between Malaga port and La Misericordia, is one of the best places to enjoy waves. San Andres Beach, known for its windsurfing, is one of the most laid-back and fun-filled beaches on our list.

At only 600m long it is one of the most frequently visited beaches in Malaga because of its surfing, sailing, and the large variety of Spanish cuisine options.

4. El Palo Beach

In between Pedregalejo and El Chanquete beach lies a beautiful strip with palm trees, its name, El Palo Beach. Like others on this list, it's 1200m in length and has plenty of green areas stacked with palm trees. The travel experience is second to none in the area.

Bonus recommendation: If you can, try and book your trip for July 16th so that you can enjoy the Feria Del Carmen and the processions that take place on the beach.

5. Misericordia Beach

This is the main beach in Malaga, both in popularity and in size. At a grand scale of 2000m long and 30m wide, you won't find it hard to find a place to relax on your holiday.

The beach is filled with restaurants, playgrounds, and areas for sports/exercise, which is perfect for big groups travelling together because there truly is something for everyone.

6. El Chorro

Located 30 minutes northwest of Malaga this body of water is amazing for picnics with family and friends. We say 'Body of Water' because this is actually not a beach, it's a lake that looks just like a beach.

Locals and travellers alike gather under the pine trees in shaded areas to enjoy the weather, cookout and have a few drinks. There are many grilling areas and picnic tables so you can set up fast and easily with your group.

There's also an area to rent different types of boats for paddling around the waters and getting to more remote locations for cliff jumping. If you're not the adventurist type and prefer to not grill out, then enjoy the sunset and incredible views from the hilltop restaurant.


Which beaches you choose to travel to really depends on your circumstances, what type of experience you're looking for, and who you're travelling with. For instance, if you're a solo traveller who enjoys water sports then you'd probably really appreciate San Andres.

However, if you're travelling with your family or there are children on the trip then El Chorro or Malagueta Beach are most likely the best options. even better idea is to simply visit all six! We're pretty sure that none of them will disappoint.

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