Best Household Plants for Areas with Limited Sun

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There's little that can take your home to the next level like indoor plants do. Although all indoor plants don't require gardening expertise and a green thumb, not all marketed as household plants can thrive on limited sunlight.

Best Household Plants for Areas with Limited Sun

Living in a small space with little sunlight shouldn't discourage you from keeping indoor plants. With the help of the list below, you'll be able to turn your living spaces into a makeshift greenhouse and turn your dreams of an indoor garden paradise into reality!

Sanseviera Trifasciata

Also known as snake plants, or Mother In Law's Tongue, the Sansevieria species are considered excellent household plants with little maintenance and a striking appearance.

Even though they can grow at any light level, direct sunlight tends to burn their leaves, making a spot about 10 feet away from a light-receiving window ideal.

Snake plants are die-hard, versatile and extremely forgiving. If you want yours to thrive, make sure to check the soil every week to test for re-watering. When the first inch of soil feels dry, you can water it. Besides looking good in any indoor space, snake plants also purify the air!

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Sanseviera Trifasciata goes by many other more easily pronounced names, including snake plant, Saint George's sword, mother-in-law's tongue, viper's bowstring hemp and many others.


Ferns can be a great addition to your indoor paradise. They add colour, texture and a lush atmosphere. Remember to choose non-toxic fern species like the staghorn, sword or maidenhair fern for indoor areas, and consider purchasing a self-watering pot to keep your fern moist.

Ferns prefer shady, damp spaces, and dependant on the growing circumstances, they may need daily watering. A wide range of pots with self-watering systems is available to purchase on Amazon, including models with self-drainage holes and clear water level windows for easy maintenance.


Vining philodendrons make a great indoor plant even when they're not provided with a structure to climb. When planted in pots, they will form downward trails, creating a bushy appearance to give your indoor space a tropical vibe.

Philodendrons grow well in indirect light as their large, green leaves allow them to absorb the tiniest traces of sunlight. Low humidity in homes doesn't pose a problem either. To help your philodendron thrive indoors, consider misting it to mimic an exotic, tropical atmosphere.

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Spider Planets

Another easy, air purifying plant to grow indoors is the spider plant. They are non-toxic, edible, and grow relatively quickly.

Hot, direct sun can burn and brown their leaves, making them an ideal plant to place indoors. As long as you expose them to some sunlight, you can place your spider plant in any spot, whether your office desk or a steamy bathroom.


Add this showstopper to your indoor space if you want a bold, tropical feel inside. Native to tropical rainforests, monstera enjoys warm, humid environments, and they're able to tolerate any lighting condition.

This specie makes a great household plant since it can grow vigorously in gentle sunlight and require little maintenance. Water your monstera every 1-2 weeks, allowing the soil to dry out to about 75%.

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Cast-Iron Plants

Cast-iron plants are a member of the lily family, and although they enjoy humid environments, they are drought-resistant. Watering your cast-iron plant only once the top inch of soil is dry is adequate.

It can grow 24 inches tall and wide even when only exposed to limited sunlight, so choosing a spot away from windows won't be problematic.

Besides being low maintenance, another benefit of cast-iron house plants is their ability to absorb common household chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene.

Umbrella Plants

Often overlooked, the umbrella plant is on the bigger side of household plants, and although they aren't as showy as other options, it symbolises positive energy.

The umbrella plant can tolerate a little underwatering and low light conditions, although placing them near a window where it will receive indirect, bright light is ideal.

If you have a big, empty space, the umbrella plant will be perfect for filling that. Left to grow, it will reach considerable heights, but you can pinch off new growth if you'd prefer it to stay smaller and bushier.

Tradescantia Nanouk

If you want to add some colour to your home, choose the tradescantia nanouk available in pink, purple, green and white.

The coloured stripes on its lush leaves can brighten any home, and because of this, it's become really popular with plant lovers who like to grow indoors. Once the top inch of soil is dry, make sure to water your plant and place it in bright, indirect sunlight if full sun isn't available.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're a self-proclaimed green thumb or a novice, household plants are easy to grow. Consider all your options by getting in touch with a local nursery and talking to an expert.

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