Handy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

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Unleashing the true potential of your small spaces is easier than you think. Working with specifically designed storage solutions for small spaces will result in a more spacious, organised home and leave you feeling like you really have your act together.

Handy Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

If you want to make the most of every inch in your home, whether that be your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, we've listed some stylish storage solutions that can work for you.

Have a Basket Shelve

Shelving has always been known as a practical solution to maximise storage in flat spaces. Although a boxy, uniform shelve can overpower a small room, using ladder-style shelving can lighten the mood while still offering enough space for storing items.

Pair this shelve with baskets instead of display items, and you have ample storage to free up floor space. Use this solution to store rolled-up blankets near your sofa or bed or place it by the doorway to separate shoes or outdoor gear.

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Floating shelves are great to use as display areas for stuff like photo frames, interesting books that make you look clever and anything else that looks interesting.

Invest in a Trolley

A hostess trolley or bar cart has a million uses! You can use it to organise small items around living areas, turn it into a space-saving nightstand for your bedroom essentials, use it in the bathroom to calm the chaos or place it in your kitchen to store cleaning supplies or fruits and vegetables.

Because it's on wheels, you can easily manoeuvre it around, no matter how small your space. Trolley solutions are available at many online outlets like Amazon or Etsy, and there are options to fit any budget.

Utilise Vertical Spaces

Vertical spaces make great storage solutions and can take your home organisation to the next level. Utilise spaces under a stairwell, behind cupboard doors or turn those wasted pieces of a wall next to entry doors into shelving.

These smart solutions can help you create extra storage for small things that would typically clutter up rooms. You can even squeeze in some greenery on shelving next to entry doors to add some life to your indoor spaces.

Under-Bed Storage

If your bedroom often leaves you feeling suffocated, start making the most of the free spaces you already have available! There are so many under-bed storage solutions to choose from and it's incredible how much storage space you can gain when you use this otherwise vacant space properly.

Dependant on how high your bed stands from the floor, choose between wooden storage crates, baskets, mesh bins and even open shelving. For an under-bed area that is visible, choose a polished look like woven baskets or natural wood organisers.

Mesh containers are cheap and work great in a kid's room to declutter toys or store away seasonal clothes. If you don't mind sleeping high from the floor, swop your base for a wooden platform with open shelving. Here you can store shoes, extra bedding or towelling, baskets with essential items, books or artificial plants for a decorative look.

Add Hooks

Hooks offer an orderly approach to storage. Small spaces don't leave a lot of room for large furniture, which means sizing down is your best option.

Hooks can be added behind doors, in the bathroom, and on any wasted wall spaces. Anything hangable can be stored on hooks, from coats and umbrellas to messenger bags and towels.

Fill Corners

The corners of your rooms are just screaming out to be used for storage. Maximise these spaces by adding shelving that you can tuck in there.

Many corner shelving solutions can be hanged, although freestanding storage units are also available from popular stores like Argos. With these, you can take advantage of floor space and still add hooks to the top for hanging.

Install Floating Shelves and Rods

It's difficult to explain the real value of floating shelves and rods in a few words. These form part of the ultimate storage hacks that every homeowner should know.

You can install both these storage solutions in any room where free wall space is available, and they're entirely customisable in size and design.

Use floating shelves for decorative purposes in your living areas, add them as an open display for your dinnerware or install them above your toilet to store extra towelling or toilet paper rolls. You can install rods close to a door for hanging essentials or in your bedroom for bonus closet space.

Although space may be tight, working smart with the area you have is easy when you use storage hacks. They help you maximise each inch in your home, and pairing these solutions with decluttering techniques will keep your home looking organised and stylish.

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