Post Corona Holiday Destinations

Are you itching to head back to your tried and tested holiday destination after covid-19 measures are relaxed or will you be looking for something new? here are a few spots we've come up with that might be worth considering.

Post Corona Holiday Destinations

Let's be honest, this year has been tough. Between lockdowns, the implementation of safety measures, and restrictions, we have had a pretty difficult year and whether you were stuck in an apartment on your own or staying with family, one thing is for certain: almost everyone could use a break in the form of a cheeky little getaway vacation. The only question is, where?

With the end of this pandemic hopefully nearing soon, it's only appropriate that we look ahead to the future and figure out these, rather important, details.

That's why in this article we'll be looking at which destinations are at the top of our list for post covid vacations!

Cancun, Mexico

Many people will agree with this first location, as it has absolutely everything you could ever want. You can rest assured that Cancun will help you forget about this past year.

Cancun and it's sunny beach resorts will have you in a state of complete bliss, all while enjoying some fun in the sun. Sit on the Gulf of Mexico and take it easy, knowing that you can order another Piña Colada at any time!

You can also hit the ocean waters for a variety of activities such as Scuba diving, fishing, and even whale watching!

With gorgeous photo-worthy sunsets and all-you-can-eat buffets, this top destination should be on everyone's post-covid vacation list.

Image 1
Brits are looking further afield for their beach holidays and Cancun in Mexico is fast becoming a firm favourite. Between December and April is the peak season for tourists to this exotic destination. Perfect for winter sun.

New Zealand

The next place on the list is, of course, New Zealand! Being one of the first countries in the world that was able to flatten the curb during the covid-19 pandemic, New Zealand is definitely one of our top recommendations for destinations to visit.

Due to having some of the best policies put in place by the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand was able to put all its efforts into controlling the spread of the virus and only had 1166 confirmed cases, which makes it one of the safest places to travel in 2021.

If you are an outdoors lover and feel the need to get away from the city or even if you’re just looking for a new adventure, look no further. With a multitude of untouched nature hikes and nature destinations, New Zealand and its one-of-a-kind geography will give you something to talk about for years to come.

You won't have to worry about social distancing on these outdoor adventures, because all these scenic locations are quite remote. You’ll want to fully immerse yourself in the breathtaking views which we're sure you’ll remember forever.

Image 2
Santander is the capital city of this autonomous region on Spain's north coast, which boasts everything from beaches to forests, hiking trails and even skiing.

Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia

Another location with breathtaking views that can itch your adventurous side is Salar De Uyuni, in Bolivia. Though Bolivia didn’t have as successful results as New Zealand against infection rates, this trip is part of our recommended list because the rural areas that are worth visiting, aren’t directly located in highly populated zones where infection rates skyrocketed.

This is more of an expedition and for it, you'll probably need to rent an SUV in order to get through the salt flats. Through these desolate areas, you’ll find unique landmarks, such as an immaculate hotel made from salt, hot springs, and beautiful scenery in Bolivia’s picturesque mountain range.

Being in such a remote location is beneficial because you can follow covid-19 protocol without having to think about it too much. Making it a care-free and adventurous destination for your next vacation!

Cantabria, Spain

If you're into the outdoors and like to fish, hunt, kayak, and hike, you're going to love this next location.

Cantabria, Spain, is both amazing and underrated. It’s located in northern Spain close to Santander and Bilbao, and the region has many different activities for people of all walks of life.

You can visit the mountain range Picos de Europa, which boasts a height of 2650 meters above sea level and enjoy the impressive views.

Plus, if you've never been fishing, this might be the perfect vacation to give it a go seeing as this region has some of the best lakes and rivers for freshwater anglers of all ages.

Be adventurous, and experience a truly memorable trip to the unique and colourful Iberian mountains of Spain!

Himalayas, Nepal

Another remote location with beautiful views is the Himalayas, in Nepal. This is one of the more remote locations on the list and without a doubt one of the most life-changing trips one could ever make.

The area has many accommodations to pick from and with tea houses being less frequented because of Covid-19, there should be no issue finding a remote area to set up camp and be socially distanced from others.

Take a step in the right direction and visit some of the most iconic and memorable mountain ranges in the world, in person, and truly make this life experience one of a kind.

The Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The last place on our list is The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. And even though Ecuador did have a rather high number of covid-19 cases in 2020, the Galapagos Islands only equated for 78 confirmed cases in total.

That being said, it’s a rather safe destination all things considered and deserved an honourable mention on our most recommended travel destinations for post coronavirus.

With various types of wildlife in and around this island, you'll undoubtedly be in awe until the moment you leave.

This destination offers a wide range of activities to choose from such as hiking for beautiful vistas or snorkelling the day away while getting acquainted with the marine life that makes this Island so special.


It's not news to anyone that we’re currently living under strange and unusual circumstances. Yet, in this life, we all need something to look forward to in order to get us through the day, week, month, or year. Setting goals or even planning future vacations can give us a renewed sense of hope in all of today’s uncertainties.

With that in mind we really hope you take into consideration the various locations we highlighted throughout this article and make some plans to visit at least one of the top post-covid destinations that were mentioned.

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