Most Popular Free Stuff: Perfume Freebies

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If you want to recieve free stuff quickly, make sure you apply for any perfume freebie you come across.

Most Popular Free Stuff: Perfume Freebies

We've been hunting for freebies for years (since 2009) so we have quite a bit of knowledge about the best freebies to apply for.

Without doubt, perfume freebies are the most successful in terms of free stuff actually arriving through the letterbox and in good time too!

Over the years I can't tell you how many perfume freebies we've receive. In fact, we've received so many perfume freebies that a typical 100ml bottle of my favourite perfume lasts for over 3 years because I get to use so many free samples that I hardly ever have to dip into my own perfume.

Burberry Hero and Goddess Free Sample just arrived!

I was inspired to write this blog because I just received a new free sample from Burberry, actually it was a duo sample (his Hero and hers Goddess).

Also, just as I was opening up my free sample I got an email from Mugler saying another free sample from them is on the way.

Free Penhaligon's Scent Library Collection

Free Penhaligon's Scent Library Collection

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Image 1
Keenly awaiting the arrival of our Viktor&Rolf Flowerbomb sample to arrive. It's nice when they email you to let you know it's on the way.

Perfume samples take on average 3 weeks to arrive

We applied for the Burberry Hero and Goddess sample of August 29th 2023 via the Boots Sampling website. See the post here: Free Burberry Goddess and Burberry Hero Eau de Parfum.

There were a whopping 10,000 free samples up for grabs and although that sounds like a lot, they actually flew out the door within the hour so we had to be quick.

Our free sample arrived on Tuesday 12th September 2023, that's exactly 14 days from application to the free sample landing though our letterbox.

To be fair, most perfume freebies don't arrive that fast but we think the average application to arrival time is around 3 weeks.

Image 2
Our Burberry Goddess and Hero samples arrived and each one came in a 1.2ml vial.

About the NEW Burberry Goddess perfume

Burberry Goddess Eau de Parfum is a unique aromatic fragrance, led by a powerful trio of vanillas, all encircled with luminous lavender.

That's the official description of this wonderful perfume but in plain English I can tell you that it's 'Lovely' and has really got me thinking about switching to Goddess when my favourite bottle finally finishes.

Other perfume free samples we've received

We've received so many perfume free samples that it's just not possible to document each one but when we recieve a sample that we like a lot or when a free sample arrives super fast, we tend to document them. Take a look at just a handful of free perfume samples we've received.

Best time to apply for perfume samples

Typically, perfume samples tend to pop up all year round but from September onwards there is usually an onslaught of free sample from many major perfume brands because they are gearing up for the Christmas shopping rush in the coming months.

Make sure to keep your eye peeled on our free perfume samples page or when there is less than 100 days till Christmas, it's worth keeping an eye on our Christmas Freebies page because we often add perfume freebies in there too.

Keep on freebie hunting!

Although perfume freebies are the most popular and the mostreliable in terms of actually arriving, it needs to be said that we have received freebies, free samples and free stuff of all kinds of cool stuff.

Food and Drink freebies are probably the second most popular and reliable in temrs of actually landing through the letter box. Makeup is also really good to apply for too.

Patience is needed when it comes to applying for free stuff because companies that offer free samples often recieve tens of thousands of requests which as you can imagine can take some time to arrange and despatch to eager recipients.

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