Best activities to do in the Winter months.

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The winter season is upon us everybody, which means now is the time to start getting all warm and cosy at home, but if you do want to go out, we have got you covered with some of the best indoor activities to do with family and friends this coming winter season. You can have fun socialising and take some exercise by trying out some of these fun activities.

Best activities to do in the Winter months.

Rock Climbing/Bouldering:

Rock climbing and bouldering are two activities which involve you climbing walls whilst sticking to one colour of the rock. The coloured pieces of boulder chart your path. In Rock climbing, you tend to climb up very high, but don’t worry you will be wearing a safety harness, and somebody will be holding your harness whilst you are climbing. Bouldering on the other hand is rock climbing without a harness, but you don’t climb as high as you do in Rock climbing.

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Rock climbing and bouldering are very fun activities to do with family and friends because it gives you that sense of accomplishment when you climb up a tricky wall and move up to a higher level. It also does require a lot of problem-solving as well such as trying to figure out how to climb up the walls, and what is the best move to do.

Bouldering and rock-climbing centres are accessible everywhere around the UK. Another aspect to trying out rock climbing, and bouldering is the fact that it gives you a good workout too. This is suitable for all levels of fitness and experience and makes for a fun day for all.

Trampoline Park:

Trampolines are fun for all ages. Jumping up and down is always exciting and thrilling, and Trampoline parks have evolved so much over the years, with massive trampoline park chains such as Oxygen, and Flipout and they are all fun to take part in. Trampolining is is a good workout to do, and it does feel rewarding when you learn to do different types of jumps. This is a really good way to let the kids expel some pent-up energy when they’ve been stuck inside.


Who said swimming is only good to do during the summer? Like Rock climbing and bouldering, Swimming is a great activity to do with family and friends because it is not only fun, but it gives you an excellent low impact cardio workout.

Swimming pools are scattered all around the country and are usually present at local leisure centres. If you do want to try out something new as well, you can also play games such as Marco Polo, Volleyball, and Water Polo if you want to spice up activities in the swimming pool as opposed to just always swimming laps up and down the pool. Leisure centres sometimes do days with inflatable slides for the kids so lookout for special events in your local pool.

Mini Golf:

Even though it is more of an activity that takes place outside, there are indoor venues to go and play Minigolf. Minigolf is a fun sport to play with people who might not be into as physically demanding sports such as rock climbing, swimming, and more.

Mini golf is perfect for practicing your golf skills where you go to play the real game with people, and that it is fun to do with people because you are travelling a course as well instead of just putting the ball into a hole. It does have the same rule set to Golf which is to get the ball in the hole the least number of times. Again, this is great for all ability levels and makes a good choice for a broad age range.

Go Karting:

Have you ever wanted to have that thrill of being a race car driver? Then definitely check out Go Karting, it’s an amazing and adrenaline-filled activity to do by yourself, or with family and friends. You get your own helmet, racing kit, and can try at fast speeds on tracks that have a lot of variety to them.

Teamsport is the biggest go-karting chain in the United Kingdom and has tracks across the country. There are two different types of races you can do at Teamsport, one is the generic 50 lap race, and the other is a 30-minute session where you must record your fastest lap during the session.


Arcades are making a strong comeback and riding on the 80’s nostalgia. Arcades are fun to visit with a bunch of friends if you are in the mood for some competitive action. There are so many classic games to play at Arcades, ranging from fighting games such as Tekken, Street Fighter. Or Rail shooter games like Time Crisis, House of The Dead, and Racing games like Grid, and Need for Speed. You can also play air hockey, and other fun games if you are not the biggest gamer in the world.

Snowboarding/Skiing Indoors

Snowboarding and Skiing might not always be the most accessible sport to do in the world depending on where you live, the amount it costs to book a ski trip, and how dangerous it can be. However, Skiing and Snowboarding at indoor venues is a perfect substitute for doing this extreme sport for cheaper, less of a journey, and less risk.

Ice Skating:

Probably the most popular activity to do during the winter season is Ice Skating. Ice Skating might be tricky and sometimes scary, but it is a fun activity to do with family and friends or going on a date with your partner. Even though Ice Skating is a more popular activity to do outside, there are indoor ice rinks you can go and take part in this awesome activity. This is particularly popular in the Christmas period with Ice rinks popping up in towns and city centres.

Escape Rooms:

Escape Rooms are the perfect re-enactment of living out a scene from any of your dream films, whether that is an action film or a horror one. The main ruleset of Escape Rooms is you and some buddies are trapped in a room, and you all need to solve a series of puzzles to escape the locked room.

The good thing about Escape Rooms is there are a variety of different scenarios to choose from in this thrilling experience. For example, the Breakin Escape Rooms have a Sherlock Holmes themed room, A Heist Plan inspired by the Fast and Furious films, and a Butcher Lairs where you must escape from a dangerous serial killer.

Laser tag/Paintball/Air Soft

Forget playing Call of Duty, and Battlefield on your PlayStation by yourself, and your mates when you can play it in real life with Laser Tag, Paintball, and Airsoft. Laser Tag is where players use infrared light guns, and the aim of the game is just to tag players from the opposing team. Paintball you use air weapons called Paint Makers where you shoot paintball bullets that usually break on impact, and you must eliminate the opposing team.

At Airsoft you use Airsoft guns and shoot out spherical plastic projectiles and the aim is to tag your enemies from your opposing team out. Laser Tag is seen as the safest shooting sport to do out of the three listed since you are only being tagged by lasers instead of being shot with paint palettes, and plastic projectors.

The fun aspect of these shooting sports is not just the basic ruleset of eliminating the opposing team, but the different games you can play. The best place to go to be able to do all 3 of these activities is Bunker 51 which offers both Paintball, Airsoft, and Laser Tag.

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