Strictly Come Dancing 2020 Update

Keep up to date with all the ongoing in the Strictly Ballroom. Find out who is in and who is out. Who impressed and who was the best dressed.

Strictly Come Dancing 2020 Update

Saturday 28th November.

Judge Motsi returned to the show after coming out of quarantine and presenters Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman looked stunning as usual.

Clara Amfo and Aljaz kicked off the show with a jive to River deep mountain high by the legendary Tina Turner. Unfortunately, Clara struggled to keep up with the pace and made lots of mistakes. On the bright side, the judges were kind with Craig saying it was an improvement on the previous week. The judges scored the couple 19 points.

Jamie and Karen who topped the leaderboard last week were next up with a tango. They got a standing ovation from judges Shirley and Motsi so the performance was bound to get a high score, even Craig liked it. They bagged 24 points - eights from all three judges.

HRVY and Janette took to the floor next with a couple's choice. Bang! Craig called the couple the greatest of all time and Shirley said it was the best couple's choice she's seen. Motsi was full of superlatives also so big scores to follow. First, a 10 from Craig, then two more from Shirley and Motsi. A perfect 30 points sent them soaring to the top of the table, where they will no doubt remain for the rest of the show. The couple broke a Strictly record with the highest score in week six EVER!

Ranvir and Giovanni knew HARVY's performance was a hard one to follow. Nevertheless, they took to the floor to perform their American Smooth. It wasn't a perfect score dance but the GMTV presenter put in an excellent effort and the pair win our style points for the second-best outfit of the evening. The judges gave them 24 points.

Bill and Oti were next but before they hit the floor there was the little matter of the VT in which Bill thought he would school his professional partner Oti on the history of the Jive, their next dance. I don't think she needed that lesson but Oti was polite and listened attentively anyway. Another excellent high energy performance on the floor followed from the couple and despite a few mistakes they scored well with 24 points.

Military Veteran JJ put his kilt on for this week's performance with partner Amy. They danced the Viennese Waltz and they both looked stunning in costume - Best dressed couple of the evening. Charming, elegant, full of class and GORGEOUS said, Judge Craig Revel Horwood. Taskmaster, said Shirley Ballas. They thoroughly deserved the 25 points and pushes them up to second on the ĺeaderboard.

Last dance of the evening goes to Eastenders very own Maisie and her professional partner, Gorka Marquez who are doing a Quick-Step. After ending up in the dance-off in the two previous weeks, Maisie came out to impress her way into the quarter finals, hopefully without a detour via the dance off. She picked up 29 points, just one point off a perfect score so surely she's done enough to avoid the dance off tomorrow.

I voted for Maisie and Gorka, Bill and Oti, JJ and Amy.

Sunday 29th November - The Results Show.

It's time to find out who got the vote of confidence from the public. All the strictly stars and their partners appear to face the music.

The show kicks off with a group dance to Blinded by the light by the Weekend with the dancers dressed in neon outfits on a retro arcade pinball set.

Nice change of outfits for Tess and Claudia, stunning as ever with Tess in all white and Claudia in all black. Gary Barlow will be performing later in the show and there is also a special performance from the winners of The Greatest Dancer, Michael and Jowita, it was dazzling!

The first couple to face the dance off is Jamie and Karen. They've been in the dance off before so they don't seem too concerned and look forward to performing for the judges for their spot in Musical week next week.

The next couple to dance for the judges is Clara and Aljaz so they will be having another shot for their spot in week seven.

Clara did herself proud with little to no mistakes this time around and Jamie also put in an equally determined performance.

The judges had to choose between two spirited performers. Craig chose Clara but Motsi chose Jamie. That means for the first time in this series, head judge Shirley had to have the final say and she decided to save Jamie and Karen.

Clara Amfo is out of Strictly Come Dancing 2020.

Image 1
Bill Bailey emerged as one of the judge's favourites. They love his unique dance style and character he delivers. Here he brings some comedic value to the show posing in a fluffy pink Stetson.

Saturday 5th December

Let's get ready to rumba! Musical week gets started with an intro from Andrew Lloyd Webber, followed by a colourful Pricilla Queen of the Desert tribute group dance from the Strictly professionals. Johannes, Gorka and Giovanni were standout performers - BRAVO!

First dance of the evening goes to JJ and Amy performing a Charleston to the musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Fantastic performance, excellent timing and smiling all the way. Judges liked it and Craig praised the height of JJ's jumps in this energy-zapping routine. They scored 20.

Ranvir and Giovanni performed a Viennese Waltz next and it was full of emotion, even bringing judge Motsi to tears. Craig loved it and head judge Shirley said she was captivated by the whole performance - best fleckerl on Strictly that she's seen. That's a very big, big up. Before she picked up her scores Ranvir said someone told her to dance with her heart and her feet will follow. Good advice because she did way better than last week, picking up three nines. 27 points in the bag for the GMTV presenter.

It's time to jive next with Maisie and Gorka to the musical Little Shop of Horrors. The super high intensity routine left Maisie puffed out when she faced the judges for her feedback. All three judges loved the performance so it looked like she would be giving Ranvir a run for her money. She picked up 28 points so she jumps to the top of the leader board.

There are still many great acts waiting in the wings, beginning with Bill and Oti dancing the Argentine Tango to the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, Phantom of the Opera. The dramatic theme and equally dramatic costume demanded a powerful performance. The couple got quite a lot of feedback from the judges and there was even a VT from the original Phantom, Michael Crawford giving Bill his support. The judges gave the couple 24 points.

The musical, A Chorus Line was the backdrop for the American Smooth from HRVY and Janette. The couple did their glittering gold costumes justice with a brilliant performance, which ended with an incredible lift that had all three judges on their feet. Judge Motsi ran out of breath during her praise and Craig saw a bit of himself in HRVY and that's saying a lot. A perfect score looked to be on the cards as the couple made their way up the stairs to speak to Claudia. Not quite a perfect score but close. 29 points banked for the couple and a place in the next round is almost certain.

Second Jive of the show next from the musical Everyone's Talking about Jamie, performed by Jamie and Karen. The performance was a spirited one and the judges were generally happy with the musicality and the determination of the performance but they did point out a mistake. A solid 24 points were well received by the couple.

So that wraps up the Saturday night quarter finals. I voted for HRVY, JJ and Amy and Maisie and Gorka.

Sunday 6th December Results Show.

The results show kicked off with a performance from the cast of a new West End musical show called '& Juliet', a what if Juliet from Romeo & Juliet didn't die and what she did next. Fitting performance for musicals week.

So which couples will be booking their ticket into the semi-finals and which couples will have to fight for the chance to move on to the next stage??

The first couple through to the semi-final is HRVY and Janette, no surprise there. Ranvir also got through but Jamie and Karen are the first couple who will have to face the dance off. That's the second consecutive week the pair have had to fight for their place in the show and the third time in the show so far.

Viewers at home were treated to a lovely song from Marisha Wallace, Broadway star from Dream Girls, The Waitress, and will be starring in Hairspray alongside Michael Ball from April 2021.

Dancing next week are Bill & Oti and Maisie & Gorka, which means JJ and Amy will need to impress the judges if they want to remain in the show.

So it's a Charleston versus a Jive for a semi-final spot. The Charleston by JJ and Amy went first and it was just as good as the first time. Jamie and Karen got straight to it with their high-energy routine with the same energetic style the couple has become known for.

The judges are going to have their work cut out for them to decide who will be dancing in the semi-finals. Tess asks the judges to decide and Craig goes for Jamie and Karen. That's one vote for Jamie and Karen. On to Motsi and she praised both dancers but gave her vote of confidence to JJ and Amy. So once again head judge Shirley had the deciding vote and decided to save Jamie and Karen.

JJ and Amy are out of Strictly Come Dancing.

Image 2
Hrvy and Janette finishing off a marvelous routine on Musicals week which secured them an almost perfect score of 29 points. This successful pairing secured Janette a place in the Strictly final for the first time ever.

Saturday 12th December

It's the semi-finals and the final 5 couples must perform not one but two dances for a place in the finals and the chance to compete for that coveted glitterball trophy. Tess in a pink dress and Claudia in all black the show is on and the pressure is mounting.

There is no group dance to kick-off the competition today so it's straight to the business end of things with Jamie and Karen doing a Salsa to a disco soundtrack and theme. Glittering performance to start the show and the judges loved it, scoring the couple a very respectable 24 points.

Dancing the Waltz, Ranvir Singh in elegant embrace with her partner Giovanni made their way around the dancefloor to a classical number. After some kind words from her GMTV colleague Kate Garraway via a VT, the judges awarded a very healthy 29 points for her first dance.

Bill and Oti are doing a Charleston for the chance to secure a place in the semi-finals. The swivel was there and so was character and the judges loved it with two of them on their feet in praise. Bill's performances in the energetic dances are top-rate. Here comes a great score for the couple, 25 points secured in their first dance.

It's a couple's choice next from Maisie and Gorka. In this series of Strictly, the couples choice dance is usually a good place to pick up some big scores. A street dance to Will Smith's 'Getting Jiggy with it' was a feel good performance and just like all the other couples dances from weeks past, it went down really well with the judges. Craig raised his first 10 paddle of the series and two more 10s were just inevitable. 30 points secured in her first dance of the evening. Surely she has one foot in the finals after that.

Now is time to Rumba with HRVY and Janette and they start off in a virtual snow globe. Rumbas are supposed to be sexy but the couple went for a more romantic theme to their dance. Craig had quite a few pointers for HRVY, while Motsi and Shirley also picked out a few issues with the dance. They scored a respectable 23 so they have some making up to do in their next dance if they want to safely make it to the final.

So, round one complete. Quick change of costume and some refreshments and it's time to get back on the dance floor for their second dance of the evening.

We cycle back to Jamie and Karen doing a Quick Step to a lively country music soundtrack. Country music isn't most people's first choice for a Quick Step but they seemed to pull it off. The couple didn't disappoint on the energy side of things either. Judges were thrilled with the unique performance and the couple banked a further 24 points.

Ranvir and Giovanni are dressed as sailors for their jive, hoping to navigate themselves into the finals. The judges loved Ranvir's confidence but they were looking for more than confidence and they had quite a few pointers to share with the GMTV presenter. Only 18 points were added to their total for the evening.

The judges love Bill Bailey because they think that he has his own unique style but can he bank some big points in his second dance of the evening. Dancing the Tango to a heavy metal song from Metallica, the couple floated around the dancefloor in their efforts to impress the judges. Once again this evening, the music wasn't a typical choice for the dance but it went down well with the limited crowd in the arena. The judges have always been impressed with Bill and they liked the way he attacked the dance, although there were some pointers. Have they bought themselves a place in the semi finals? 23 points might just do it.

In the early stages of the competition, Motsi said of Maisie 'She's a Rough diamond'. This is Maisie's chance to prove her facets are now brilliantly cut and polished. Dancing the Viennese Waltz, she floated across the dance floor in a beautiful dress safely fixed to the arms of her professional partner. It was a wonderful dance that Craig described as 'absolutely stunning'. The other two judges had equally amazing things to say about the dance. Maisie and Gorka scored an impressive 29 points - what a massive vote of confidence from the judges for her to make it into the finals.

The last dance of the evening goes to HRVY and Janette and the judges are all looking forward to watching him perform the Charleston. HRVY knows what the judges are looking for from him. Oodles of swivel and buckets of goofy character delivered in his usual precise style. 'What a way to close the show' says head judge Shirley. Motsi was left speechless by the performance and Craig was in swivel heaven - he loved it. A perfect 30 points were handed out by the judges and a place in the finals is almost a given for HRVY and Janette. This could also be the first time Janette has ever made it into the finals so she was over-the-moon.

Sunday 13th December - The Results Show

The last results show of the series begins with an electric group dance routine but unfortunately, I have no idea of what the theme was. After a quick rundown of Saturday night's routines, we're ready to find out which couples will be dancing in the finals. The first couple through to the final, in no particular order, is Maisie and Gorka. The next couple heading into the finals is HRVY and Janette. The next couple to be called will not be dancing in the final without fighting for the place in the dance off. Illuminated under the dreaded red light was Ranvir and Giovanni.

Before we find out who else is through to the final, we were treated to a medley of dance steps from Johannes and Luba with music by the new 3 member girl group Little Mix.

For the fourth time in this series, Jamie fell short on the votes again and will have to re-dance his Salsa for a spot in the final.

With just one dance separating the two couples from the final, they're going to have to pull out all the stops to get the vote of confidence from the judges.

Jamie and Karen went first and needed to improve on their previous performance which was scored 24 points, compared to Ranvir's 26 points for her Waltz in Saturday's show. Judging by his celebration after the routine, Jamie was full of confidence that he will be dancing for the glitterball trophy next week.

First though, Ranvir might have something to say about who gets through tonight's dance off as she takes to the floor to dish out her improved routine.

Now it's time for the judges to earn their pay. Craig goes first, but he could seem the separate the two, however, he eventually went for Jamie and Karen. Motsi made it a deadlock by choosing Ranvir and Giovanni. Head judge Shirley just thought that Jamie and Karen put in just a bit more determination and fight for their spot.

Ranvir Singh is out of Strictly Come Dancing

The 2020 finalists of Strictly Come Dancing is Maisie and Gorka, HRVY and Janette, Bill and Oti and last but by no means the least Jamie and Karen.

Saturday 19th December - Strictly 2020 Final

Its finally here, the strictly come dancing 2020 final and the timing is perfect as the Prime Minister Boris Johnson, just cancelled Christmas for half the country.

The show opens with a feel-good group dance from the strictly professionals, perfectly co-ordinated in dance and costume, then one by one the finalists emerge and take to the dance floor with their professional partner to finish off the routine.

The room welcomes the stunning Tess and Claudia in outfits befitting of the finals. After introducing the judges and finalists, Tess and Claudia tell everyone at home how the finals will play out.

Each finalist will do three dances for the chance to win the glitterball. The first dance is the judges choice, the second dance is their show dance and the final dance their favourite dance of the season.

Hrvy and Janette go first and the judges asked them to do the jive they did on week one. The improvement was astronomical and they absolutely smashed it and they soaked up high praise from all three judges. In light of the tier 4 lockdown news the nation just go slammed with, judge Craig said he is going to be unusually nice for the duration of the show. 9, 10 and 10 from Craig, Shirley and Motsi sets a high bar for the rest of the pack.

Being in the dance off four times throughout the season didn't phase Jamie so 29 points from Hrvy was just a number to beat. The judges chose the Charleston from movie week for Jamie and Karen to redo for their critical eye. Dressed as Hercules, the couple put in a powerful performance for the judges and of course for the viewers at home. Motsi said he made improvements, Craig said it was character driven and Shirley rubber stamped his strong performance. 8, 9 and 9 paddles emerged from under the judges tables so not quite as high as Hrvy and Janette but 26 points is very decent.

The judges congregate with the London skyline as their backdrop in the Gherkin to discuss which dance Bill and Oti should start their finals journey with and they decided on the Quick Step, again from movie week. Did the couple improve on their first performance? They certainly did. Craig adored it, Shirley said he had a wing-span of an eagle and everything was spot on. There was nothing more Motsi could say that he fellow judges hadn't already. Suffice to say, she loved it. 9, 10 and 10 from Craig, Shirley and Motsi - 29 is the highest score Bill Bailey has ever recorded this season, good timing to do it on finals week.

Back to the judges again to decide which dance Maise and Gorka will be starting their finals journey with. Craig delivers the news to the couple while on rehearsal and the dance the judges wanted to see was the Samba. Personally this was one of my favourites of the entire season. Really high-energy, great song and stunning costume. Scintillating said Shirley, 'You Killed me' said Motsi, safe to say she was blown away. The scores are in 9, 10 and 10 from the judges in order of their seating. 29 points puts the couple in joint top spot with two other couples.

All four couples have completed their first dance, which means voting has now opened.

Round two is show dance time, which means anything goes and Hrvy and Janette dressed in an outfit fit for the glitterball final and nothing short of brilliant was expected from the couple and brilliant is what they delivered. Craig did renege on his promise to say only positive things but that was for just a split second so we let him off because he gave the couple a 9, Shirley and Motsi handed the couple a 10 and 10. 29 points added their 29 points from their first dance. The couple are riding high at the top of the table with 38 points.

Jamie and Karen are eager to unleash their show dance on the nation and the critical eyes of the judges. The theme song was an Elton John classic - I'm still standing but Jamie entered the dance floor flying instead. Infectious energy said Craig of the routine, Shirley said she loves the way he dances from his heart. Motsi said he is inspiring and incredible. Will the points reflect the passion the judges had for his performance? Sure did, 9, 10 and 10 from the judges almost brought Jamie to tears while he was thanking Karen for all he tutoring, support and belief in him.

If Bill Bailey's previous performances are anything to go by, the whole country are in for a treat with Bill Bailey's show dance and he's eager to get going. Magic was the theme of the dance and the 55 year old and his professional partner delivered just, with a splattering of every dance, ending with a guitar solo with pyrotechnics while his partner spun off the dance floor in a like something out of Cirque du Soleil. Judges were overwhelmed to say the least - 10, 10 and 10, a perfect 30 points and received in his usual clear-headed but very genuinely grateful way. Such a gentleman.

Maisie and Gorka have a lovely Christmas theme to their show dance with the most incredible Christmas tree in the background. Viewers at home were treated to quite a Christmas present with this performance. She smashed it and the judges loved it, flawless and perfection deserved nothing short of a perfect score and that's exactly what they got. Amazing!

The one and only Elizabeth Hurley reads out the terms and conditions for the voting public while the dancers get ready for the last and final dance of the evening - the favourite of the season.

This is it! For their last dance the couples get to choose the favourite dance they have performed this season. Hrvy welled up in his tribute to his professional partner Janette in the VT to introduce their choice of dance. Very touching. American Smooth from Musicals week - great choice. They smashed it and left Hrvy and his professional partner's husband Aliajz in tears also. The judges were blown away by the performance AGAIN and it was without a doubt worthy of the glitterball trophy. The 30 points the couple picked up has nudged them into the position of favourites to win the whole thing.

Next in their bid to win the public's vote is Jamie and Karen. The bar has been set very high indeed but Jamie and Karen were hoping their street dance which went down so well with the judges last time will give them the points they need to rock somewhere close to the top of the leader board. They certainly turned up the tempo for the final. The first time they performed that dance they topped the leader board. Even a perfect 30 won't get them to the top of the leader board tonight but the 29 points they were given this time round was more than enough to keep the couple in the running. Not bad for someone that lost out on a place in Strictly 2019 due to a last minute injury. He has done himself proud, no matter what happens.

Bill Bailey and Oti are next up with the penultimate dance of the night and they are going to unleash their couples choice street dance on the watching public one more time. What a delight because it was sensational the last time round so we're all in for a good time treat. Off the chain amounts of swag, footwork and star quality. A performer of the highest quality said head judge Shirley. A perfect 30 was in order but the couple had to settle for 29 points.

The final dance of the evening, the show and the season goes to Maisie and Gorka. Sad to be at the end of her journey but determined to be the next Strictly Come Dancing champion, the couple chose their Quick Step routine to try and woo the voting public and the judges. The first person to give her high praise was Gorka. Craig absolutely loved it the first time and this time was no different. Shirley and Motsi had nothing but superlatives to say about the routine. 9, 10 and 10 puts the couple in joint top spot with Hrvy and Bill.

Strictly come Dancing Finals Leader Board

  1. Hrvy and Janette - 88
  2. Bill and Oti - 88
  3. Maisie and Gorka - 88
  4. Jamie and Karen - 84

While the voting public cast their votes, we are treated to an enigmatic routine from Nicola Adams and Katya Jones, the couple that had to pull out of the show after Katya tested positive for coronavirus early in the season. Their dance was followed by a performance by Robbie Williams.

Seconds after Robbie William left the stage the voting lines closed but there was one last treat for the nation, a group dance with all the contestants and professionals to a medley of popular songs.

After a look back at the best moments of the season that most people thought would never happen, it was time to find out whose won the glitterball and are crowned the Strictly 2020 Champions.

And the winners of Strictly Come Dancing 2020 is Bill and Oti

Second time in a row for Oti and Bill is a deserved winner who surprised everyone from the off and endeared himself to the judges and clearly to the voting public too. What an incredible show to lift the spirits of the dance loving nation.

Stictly 2020 Contestants

Here are the 12 couples that took part in Strictly Come Dancing 2020

  • JJ Chalmers and Amy Dowden
  • Ranvir Singh and Giovanni Pernice
  • Jason Bell and Luba Mushtuk
  • Maisie Smith and Gorka Marquez
  • Jamie Laing and Karen Hauer
  • HRVY and Janette Manrara
  • Caroline Quentin and Johannes Radebe
  • Bill Bailey and Oti Mabuse
  • Max George and Dianne Buswell
  • Nicola Adams and Katya Jones
  • Clara Amfo and Aljaz Skorjanec
  • Jacqui Smith and Anton du Beke

If you missed week 6 of Strictly Come Dancing, here is a video from the BBC showcasing the opening group dance from the Strictly professionals, followed by dances from the celebrities.

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