8 Ways to Make Exercise a Daily Habit

Stay motivated to workout regularly by following these 8 simple tips that anyone can do.

8 Ways to Make Exercise a Daily Habit

Staying motivated to work out doesn't come naturally for everyone. Many people start with a killer workout routine, but they give up after a few weeks or even days.

One way to curb the habit of giving up is by replacing it with easy workout habits that will motivate you. Experts estimate that you need to repeat an activity for 21 days before it forms a habit.

Learning habits one at a time will leave you with a complete set of workout habits to boost your health and ensure that you continue on your fitness journey successfully!

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By drinking the recommended 8 cups of water a day, you will set your body up with all the hydration you need to take on a regular exercise regime.


Drink water regularly throughout the day, every day, to get your body ready for exercise. A daily water-drinking habit will significantly affect your energy levels, can aid in weight loss, and will overall help to maximize your physical performance.

Having a hydrated body will make exercise easier for you, so start with forming this essential habit.

Avoid Excuses by Listing Them

There are many reasons or excuses why you may not be able to exercise on any given day, but by writing them down, it's easier to come up with solutions. This step requires you to be brutally honest with yourself. After you've written down each excuse, come up with a solution for it.

If you think you're too busy, cut 10 or 15 minutes from another daily activity like watching TV and dedicate it to working out. If a lack of athleticism is keeping you down, find exercises that will fit your fitness level.

Spend time finding workable solutions and keep them close by. Whenever you don't feel like exercising, search for your excuse and implement the solution!

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Squatting is an amazing bodyweight exercise you can do anywhere. It crushes calories, lifts your buttocks, strengthens your core and so much more. Try 5 sets of 10 squats and see how it makes you feel.

Start Small and Add On

Start your exercise journey with a small warm-up session. Do your chosen warm-up session every day for at least a month until you're doing it consistently, five days each week. This warm-up habit will form part of your ultimate exercise session.

It's important to lay a foundation and start small. You can add exercises each month as your fitness level increases.

Set An Exercise Time

By far, the best time to exercise is first thing in the morning or on your way home from work. Some people prefer their lunch breaks, but it's not a workable option for everyone.

No matter which time you choose, stay consistent with it. Just as you'd set time apart for a birthday party or restaurant dinner, set time apart for exercising and make this non-negotiable. If another activity pops up in that timeslot, simply decline.

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Log Your Activity

Not only will this show you your progress, but it will also motivate you to keep going. Make a game or challenge of it if that's what will help you the most.

You can log how fast you get through exercises, how many steps you've walked, how far you've jogged or cycled, your weight and measurements, or even how challenging a workout session was.

Work Multiple Muscle Groups

Instead of isolating your muscles, focus on compound exercises to maximize your results! Working multiple muscle groups at the same time delivers way more bang for your buck. You can burn a lot more calories in a shorter amount of time, which translates to faster results.

Some of the best compound exercises, that don't require any equipment are pushups, squats, lunches, and planks. It's easy to build a very effective 10-minute workout routine with just those 4 body-weight exercises.

Once you've hit a fitness level you're happy with, you can start the habit of focusing on target muscle groups. Studies have revealed that people who do full-body cardio workouts are more likely to keep it up than those targeting body areas.

Identify and Stick With Activities that Make You Happy

Many people quit exercising because they don't enjoy it. Not all of us are built for a gym, and that's okay. If high-intensity training or weight lifting isn't for you, look into other exercise methods like swimming, power-walking, yoga, or playing a sport.

Form the habit of choosing exercises that fit your abilities, lifestyle, and taste. You can switch these up as you go, but don't participate in a training routine you hate or one that makes you feel incompetent.

Reward Yourself

Most people who follow a strict diet and workout routine overlook the importance of rewarding themselves. Even when you don't incorporate a cheat meal or no-exercise day, you can still reward yourself for all your hard work.

Set goals and do something you enjoy when you've reached them. Your goals can be small and increase in difficulty as your progress. Reward yourself throughout your fitness journey with something you enjoy, whether that be a spa day or time set aside to binge-watch your favourite series.

Improve your overall health, fitness and moods by forming simple exercise habits. Many people find quitting easier because whatever they do isn't a priority in their lives. When you make a habit of something, your journey will feel empty without it. This feeling alone will be a trigger to continue.

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