Interesting facts about Johnnie Walker whisky

Johnnie Walker's is one of the top Scottish Whisky brands in the world with over 200m bottles sold each year. They have been around since 1800s so they are steeped in tradition. If you want to learn more interesting facts about this brand of whisky and impress your friends the next time you're enjoying a dram, then watch this video which covers 13 different facts about Johnnie Walker whisky.

There are so many whiskies to choose from out there and although Scottish Whisky holds the crown, there are also excellent offerings in the shape of American Whiskey, Japanese Whisky, Scottish Whisky, Irish Whiskey and Canadian Whisky.

One small point to take into consideration is the spelling of the different whiskies. Scottish, Canadian, and Japanese spelling is spelt Whisky whereas the American, and Irish, spell it Whiskey (with an ey).

American Whiskey

Their are two different types of American Whiskey - Bourbon, and Rye, and both whiskeys use new oak barrel to mature. Another thing they share in common is they both use 51% grains, however, Bourbon is made with corn, while Rye Whiskey is made with, yes you guessed it rye. After the whiskey's are distilled they are usually left to maturation mature for a minimum of 2 years in their oak barrels but finer versions can mature for as long as 6-10 years. An example of a popular bourbon is the world famous Jack Daniels, widely enjoyed mixed with Coca-Cola (JD and Coke) in bars and clubs all over the country.

Japanese Whisky:

Japanese Whisky mostly matures in American or European Oak barrels and much like Scottish whisky 100% malted barley is the main ingredient or but sometimes they use other blends of grains. Maturation time is around 3 years, but can also be as long as 5-12 years building up flavour in the barrel.

Scottish Whisky:

Scottish Whisky otherwise known as 'Scotch' are the daddy's of the Whisky world, thanks to the unique highland spring water used in the distilling process. Most of the popular brands of Scottish whisky are blended varieties that use a selection of whiskies all blended together to create a smooth spirit. However, Single Malt whiskies are increasingly popular and are celebrated for their unique smooth taste due to the sinle malted barley used in the production process. Both blended and single malts use American or European Oak barrel for the maturation process and can be matured for up to 25 years but most whisky drinkers prefer a 12 or 15 year old whisky. As for the granddaddy of Scottish whisky, no one comes close to Johnnie Walker, a brand that's stocked in literally almost every single self-respecting bar in the world.

Irish Whiskey:

Irish Whiskey uses both European, and American Oak barrels and is produced using a combo of malted barley, and other blended grains. Irish whisky is known as the entry level whisky, which doesn't mean it's not excellent choice for any whisky drinker but it's known as an easy drinking whisky which makes it attractive to new whisky drinkers.

Canadian Whisky:

Canada is not really know for making whisky so you can be forgiven for not knowing any brands from the land of maple syrup. Most Canadian whiskies are made from a single grain, mostly corn and rye, but sometimes wheat or barley. There are actually quite a few Canadian whisky brands out there so if you're in the market to purchase a bottle of whisky for someone, why not surprise them with a brand from Canada. Everyone loves trying something they haven't tried before.

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