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How to make caramel popcorn
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Caramel Popcorn is delicious, and Popcorn is a great snack to have in general. Check out this...

Best top selling lagers in the UK
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Lager is a very popular in the UK. Everyone loves to have a pint of lager with your lunch, or...

How to make chicken Mexican tacos
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Chicken tacos are delicious, and a classic meal for everyone to have. They are also so many...

Free McVitie's Biscuit Barrel Box

Free McVitie's Biscuit Barrel Box

We're giving away free McVitie's Biscuit Barrel Boxes. Each one packed with five (5) packs of McVitie's most beloved biscuits, including Rich Tea, Ginger Nuts, Fruit Shortcake, Hobnobs and everyone's favourite Digestives.

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Cadbury vs Galaxy chocolate taste test
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
American YouTube channel, Magneta Otter Travels, has got this video for you, doing a taste test of...

The Making of Patron Reposado Tequila
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Want to know more about Patron Reposado Tequila and how it's made? Watch this video which details...

Cadbury Celebration Hamper
Win a Cadbury Celebration Hamper

You can get a Cadbury hamper full of some delicious Cadbury favourites including Milk Tray, Heros, Roses, Double Decker and loads more. Hot foot it over to the next page by clicking the button below and pop your details in their form to enter for the chance to win this epic prize.

Every Kit Kat flavour in the world
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Kit Kat has become one of the most famous chocolate bars around the world. Everyone loves to have a...

How to make the ultimate Bombay sapphire gin and tonic
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Gin and Tonic has always been one of the fan favourite cocktails to have. Bombay Sapphire are known...

5 best vegan ice cream
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Vegan Ice Cream is nice to have for people who still love Ice Cream but have decided to go vegan,...

All coffees explained
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Coffee is considered as the go to drink to have in the morning to get your day started. Their are...

How Pepperoni is made
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Pepperoni is a nice add on food to have in pizza, sauces, and to put in your sandwich. YouTube...

Pizza Express vs Franco Manca
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Pizza Express, and Franco Manca have become the two biggest pizza restaurant chains in the UK. They...

How to make a homemade Cornish pasty
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
YouTube channel, Kitchen Sanctuary have got this video for you showing you how to make a homemade...

Coca-Cola flavour taste tester
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Cocoa Cola is, without doubt, the biggest fizzy drink brand in the whole wide world. They have only...

How Ben and Jerry make 1 Million Pints of Ice Cream
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Ben and Jerry are one of the most popular Ice Cream brands in the world. Turns out the Ben and...

How to make Strawberry Jam
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Just found this cool video from Crouton Crackerjacks who are showing you how to make some delicious...

How to make chocolate biscuits at home
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Chocolate and Biscuits is a match made in heaven for all you sweet treat lovers out there. You can...

10 of the best selling ice cream brands worldwide
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Ice Cream is the perfect sweet treat to have on a sunny day, and as a delicious dessert. Their are...

Strongest Energy Drinks
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Red Bull may be the most famous of energy drinks on the supermarket shelves but are they the...

Milk Chocolate vs Dark Chocolate
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
You a Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate kind of person? Both have positives and negatives but one...

Alcoholic Drinks to try out in Japan
Category: Videos - Food & Drink
Japan has a lot of tasty alcoholic drinks to enjoy, ranging from their Japanese Whisky, to their...

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