First Aid Kit Essentials

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It's never a waste of money to have your family first aid kit stocked with essential items to ensure you have everything you need to treat every day accidents and minor emergencies around the home or when travelling.

First Aid Kit Essentials

It's very important to have a well-stocked first aid kit in your home and even car so you can deal with minor accidents and injuries. Plus, remember to make sure your first aid kit is locked and kept in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children

Aside form first aid products, another helpful addition to your kit is a first aid manual or instruction booklet which you can use to get quick references on how to treat different injuries and wounds.

Also don't forget medicines in your first aid kit should be checked regularly to make sure they're within their use-by dates.

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What should I keep in my first aid kit?

We've put together a list of items that every home/car first aid kit should have. Check yours today and make sure you add items that you don't already have so that you will be equipped to deal with any accidents if they happen.

  • Elastoplast Antiseptic Pain-Free Wound Spray

    For antiseptic cleansing of acute wounds, such as cuts, abrasions, open blisters, first-degree and minor second-degree burns. Can also be used for chronic wounds and postoperative wound care as per your doctor's instruction.

  • Boots Wound Healing Gel

    Wound Healing Gel is a clear hydrogel with alginate which maintains a moist wound environment to promote healing and reduce pain and scarring.

  • Dettol 2 in 1 Antibacterial Wipes For Hands & Surfaces 15 Wipes

    Reliably remove 99.9% of bacteria on the hands and on different surfaces.

  • Boots Stretch Bandage 7.5cm x 4m

    Soft, stretchable and comfortable bandage for holding dressings firmly in place.

  • Elastoplast Fabric Extra Flexible Cut to Size Plasters

    For covering and protection of minor, everyday wounds such as scratches, cuts and grazes.

  • Scar Reducing Hydrogel Burn Plasters

    These plasters create a moist environment which prevents hard scab formation to reduce scarring and promote healing. All Boots plasters are hypoallergenic, so they are kind to sensitive skin.
  • Boots Complete First Aid Kit

    The kit contains over 50 items to help treat any minor injury, from cuts and grazes, to sprains and strains.

  • Boots Children's First Aid Kit

    The Children's First Aid Kit contains the basic first aid items you need to treat minor injuries for your child

  • Boots Microporous Tape 2.5cm x 10m

    Boots Microporous Surgical Tape can be used to hold dressings in place or alone for minor cuts and grazes. This tape is flexible for comfort and easy to remove. It also has a hypoallergenic adhesive so it is kind to sensitive skin.

  • Compeed Blister Hydrocolloid

    Compeed is a modern type of plaster for the effective protection and treatment of blisters.

  • DenTek Home Dental First Aid Repair Kit

    DenTek Dental First Aid Kit Temporary Repair Kit Twin Pack is a temporary filling material that can easily be applied to repair lost fillings or secure loose crowns, caps or inlays.

  • Braun Age Precision Digital Stick PRT2000 Thermometer

    A handy age-adjustable thermometer that helps you understand your child’s temperature. Now with Age Precision technology, this Braun digital stick thermometer helps you interpret your child’s temperature even more accurately, based on the age of the c

  • Acu-Life Shower Sleeve - 1 x 30inch Sleeve

    Acu-Life Shower Sleeve provides a safe, easy and effective method to keeps injuries dry. Acu-Life Shower Sleeve comes in one size, fits all. It can be used to Protect your hands, arms, knees, feet or legs, and to protect cuts, post-surgical incisions, bur

  • Boots Foam Earplugs - 3 Pairs with Carry Case

    Boots Foam Earplugs effectively reduce harmful or irritating noise and they are comfortable to wear. They are ideal for use when your swimming, sleeping, working, and travelling. You will receive 3 pairs of earplugs and a carry case as well.

  • BioEars Soft Silicone Earplugs with Activ Aloe - 3 pairs

    BioEars Soft Silicone Earplugs are a hygienic, highly effective way to reduce noise or block out water with Activealoe. BioEars Soft Silicone Earplugs are hygienic, reusable earplugs as they contain antimicrobial Alphasan RC 2000 to inhibit the growth of

  • Boots Flight Earplugs with carry case

    Boots Flight Earplugs are designed to help relieve the discomfort associated with air pressure changes during flights. They will also reduce noise levels, which may help you to sleep in-flight. These earplugs are designed to be inserted before takeoff and

  • Boots Protective FFP2 NR Face Masks 5 Single Use Respirators

    Boots Protective FFP2 NR Face Masks are designed to fit closer to the face than other disposable face masks, to improve comfort and protect the wearer from breathing in harmful particles.

  • Boots Mouldable Wax Earplugs - 5 Pairs

    Boots Mouldable Wax Earplugs (Q2J) effectively reduce harmful or irritating noise and they mould to fit the shape of the ear. These earplugs are soft and easy to shape and they will not disintegrate in use. They are ideal for use when sleeping, working, t

  • Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream 400g

    Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream has been mum's simple, effective ally for over 80 years and is great for soothing sore skin and treating nappy rash. Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream is versatile enough to be used by the whole family for all of life's l

  • Andrex Classic Clean Washlets to Go - 12 Flushable Wipes

    Each Andrex Classic Clean wipe is a uniquely designed, lightly moistened toilet tissue with a cotton fresh fragrance and micellar water. Use alongside your regular Andrextoilet tissue to leave you feeling cleaner & fresher and for a Superior Clean.

  • Kleenex Balsam Extra Large Tissues - Single Box

    When we are feeling under the weather we want a tissue we can trust. Containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Calendula, Kleenex® Balsam tissues leave behind a protective balm to give superior soothing* for the toughest cold.

  • Boots Waterproof Plasters - 20 Pack

    Boots Waterproof Plasters provide long lasting protection to wounds from water, dirt and germs. These plasters are durable and flexible for comfort. All Boots plasters are hypoallergenic so they are kind to sensitive skin.

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