Dressing for Outdoor Socialising in Covid Times.

How to stay social and warm this winter. It may be winter outside but that should not stop us from meeting with friends and family in a socially distanced and safe way.

Dressing for Outdoor Socialising in Covid Times.

In order to stay safe and meet with current government guidelines, we need to brave the cold in order to socialise. We are allowed to meet in the great outdoors, at time of writing, so here are some vital tips on how to stay warm and socialise in a socially distanced safe way.

The Norwegian's famously say there is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong clothing, so in their stoic spirit, we can make changes to our wardrobe and select the best items of clothing to stay warm and protected whilst enjoying a meal alfresco.

Warmest winter coats on the market.

First of all the most essential item on your list is arm yourself with a waterproof winter coat, preferably with a hood. That way if the clouds open up you will have some protection. The North Face sell a plethora of coats, jackets and fleeces that have been specifically designed with mountain climbing in mind so are a really up there when it comes keeping the wind and rain at bay. I was lucky enough to be given a long North Face coat a few Christmases' ago and can attest that it is hands down the warmest coat I've ever worn.

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Layers are the secret to staying warm.

Another easy way to lock in some warmth is to layer your clothing. Make sure that you have some thermal undies on, these are perfect as they keep your body heat in whilst being very thin so do not disturb your outerwear. Suitable alternatives are vests, leggings or long sleeved t-shirts the main thing is they need to be tight. Tight underclothes are now your best friend when it comes to keeping warm. Baggy t-shirts are a big no as they allow airflow which is what you are trying to avoid.

Sounds like a no brainer but it is easy to forget, a Hat! If you keep your head and ears warm then you preventing heat loss and staying toasty warm. Ears in particular don't like strong winds so if you are planning to be out for a good few hours I would definitely wear a hat that covers my ears to keep the colds winds out. If you don't like hats then opt for some Sheepskin earmuffs, they will keep your ears thinking it is summer whilst you look super stylish and winter ready.

Fingerless Gloves are vital for 2020.

Fingerless gloves are ESSENTIAL in my opinion as they keep your hands and wrists warm whilst still allowing your fingers to be able to be free to perform necessities like texting, eating and open drinks! These will make a great Christmas gift and there are loads on the market now with funky designs which will keep you warm and provide some style to your snowman attire.

Finally let us not forget my personal fav - a scarf! For me a scarf is the most essential bit of winter attire. It is not unknown for me to wear my scarf throughout the whole day even in the house as I get so hooked on them. You can never have enough scarves as they can add colour, patterns or a bit of designer bling to any outfit in seconds. Snoods are also great as they can double up as a face covering. These have been very popular lately and there are lots of different styles around to suit all your needs.

Keep warm and stay safe this winter.

Overall it is not rocket science, just make sure you layer up, wear a good solid waterproof coat and make sure you have gloves, hat and scarf with you before heading off. Accessories to bear in mind would be an umbrella, maybe some hand warmers. These can be recharged via a USB and would make a novel stocking filler that would certainly be appreciated.

You can be warm whilst outside and socially distanced it just take a little bit of getting used to but meeting your loved ones in a safe environment is definitely worth some extra effort as we all need to do our bit to try to stop the spread of Covid19.

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