Covid-19 restrictions likely this autumn say 63% of Brits

The majority of Brits think that new Covid-19 restrictions are very or fairly likely to be introduced in autumn, prompting people to plan more carefully.

Covid-19 restrictions likely this autumn say 63% of Brits

Just when we thought we were turning a corner in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, it seems that the vast majority of Brits (63%) think we will have to endure new Coronavirus restrictions this autumn/winter.

17% of people polled by YouGov said its 'Very Likely' while 46% said 'it's 'Fairly Likely' that new measures will return this autumn.

So much for 'lockdown fatigue' huh. Only a measley 5% said it's 'Very Unlikely' that restrictions on our lives and livelyhoods will be reintoruduced to stop the spread of a ressurgance of the virus.

Colder weather means more indoor activity and government scientists have warned that infections will rise during the winter months, however, there are mixed opinions in the scientific community about whether measure will be needed.

Many experts are concerned not just about Coronavirus, but also about how bad a flu year it could be because we've skipped a year of building up immunity. The protection of the NHS from becoming overwhelmed is the main priority in deciding whether a lockdown or restrictions will be required.

Either way, people are planning for the worse and hoping for the best. That involves making plans for the festive season with a backup plan should measures be introduced.

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This YouGov poll of 4533 GB adults conducted on August 3rd 2021 shows the vast majority of people in the UK think restirictions will be likely this autumn.

Brits are being cautious about making plans for the winter but we may not have to be too convcerned about any restrictions that are introduced spoiling our plans for family and friends get togethers.

The UK government's 'Winter Plans for England includes a Plan A and a Plan B.

Plan A, which has already started being executed involves Covid booster jabs for around 30 million people, including the over-50s, younger adults with health conditions and frontline health and social care workers.

Also, healthy 12 to 15-year-olds are being offered a single dose, while unvaccinated people are being strongly encouraged to get jabbed so that the maximum protection in the population is attained.

The NHS Test and Trace app and free PCR tests will continue to be promoted and used. People will also be reminded to take the flu jab and people will be advised to let in fresh air when meeting indoors, and to wear face coverings in crowded places.

If Plan A fails to prevent unsustainable pressure on the health service, Plan B will kick into action.

Some of the actions that will be implemented includes, compulsory face coverings in some settings, work from home orders reintroduced, and the highly controversail inttroduction of vaccine passports for indoor settings where large crowds are gathered.

Would you Support Vaccine Passports?

The main reason that will trigger Plan B is a rapidly rising number of hospitalisations. At the moment hospitalisations are hovering around the 700-800 figure daily. During the peak of the pandemic, the NHS were dealing with 3,000+ hospitalisations every day.

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Drivers all over the country had to wait in long queues to fill up their tanks because petrol station forecourts were either closed or had limited supplies.

Supply Chain Issues could also impact winter plans

A Covid-19 ressurgance is a possibility but there is a certain threat to UK households this winter in the shape of supply chain issues.

Brits who are planning to have get togethers in the run up to Christmas will have to think on their feet if their plans aren't to be dealt a hefty blow. That includes making sure you have ordered all your Christmas presents and festive food early so as to avoid dissapointment.

Almost all businesses have been hit by supply chain issues from petrol stations to fast food joints, supermarket and more. In late July 2021 fast food giant McDonald's ran out of milkshakes and that was just the begining of the tale-tale signs of issues with products being delivered to retailers.

Tesco warns Christmas panic buying could be worse than in lockdown

Coupled with the supply chain issues, supermarket bosses have warned that panic buying in the run up to Christmas could be even worse than what was experienced in the first lockdown.

This all sounds like an awful lot of misery for the average Brit who just wants to get back to having a normal Christmas. The good news is, things do seem to be improving and with a little extra planning and an adjustment of expectations, most things should go to plan.

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