Tesco warns Christmas panic buying could be worse than in lockdown

The extra demand for food in the run up to Christmas, coupled with the supply chain issues could spark panic buying that could be worse than during lockdown.

Tesco warns Christmas panic buying could be worse than in lockdown

Do you remember the empty shelves during the first lockdown? Well Tesco, one of the UK's biggest supermarkets has warned that we may see even worse panic buying in the run up to the festive season.

With no solution or end in sight of the supply chain issues plaguing retail outlets of all sorts, frenzied shopping my strip shelves prematurely as people scramble to secure food and other products for the Christmas festivites.

The government's new food and drink supply chain taskforce has asked Tesco and a number of other leading retailers to find a solution to the crisis.

Despite paying inflated wages to hauliers, Tesco told the government task force that it was unable to fill the vacancies of drivers needed to plug the gap of the considerable shortfall.

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Tesco alone is looking for ways to fill 800 HGV vacancies and other retailers are in a similar or worse position.

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NFU president Minette Batters also warned the government that panic-buying could return. He said:'The supply chain will be critically damaged beyond recovery if it cannot overcome the immediate crisis. We must have an urgent commitment from you to enable the industry to recruit from outside the UK over the next 12 months to get us through the winter and to help us save Christmas.'

Supermarkets are doing all they can to ensure that the shelves are stocked as much as possible in the run up to Christmas but they have said that cooperation from consumers will be crucial. Consumers are being asked to only buy what they need so that there is enough to go round for everyone.

Petrol stations are also feeling the pinch of panic buying with BP having to close down a quarter of their petrol station with a 500% increase in sales on Saturday 25th September.

The government keeps on saying there is 'No fuel Shortage' in the country. this is may be true but if the fuel doesn't arrive at the pumps, people won't be able to fill their cars.

The knock on effect of the fuel shortage could also impact other workers who can't fill their car with petrol which they need to get to work.

'Winter of discontent' are two words that the previous generation were familiar with. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

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