Is your mobile phone contract good value?

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Mobile phone bills in the Uk cost on average £439 per year, and although we all love owning a smartphone, do you think you are getting good value?

Is your mobile phone contract good value?

Life without a smartphone would be like living without bread - not pleasant. However, each smartphone consumer in the UK splashes out a sizeable amount of cash on their contract phone every year.

We're not asking if you think the networks can charge less because who wouldn't say yes to that! The more important question, and one we can all do something about is do you think you are getting value for money with the contract plan you are currently on?

Do you use all the services you are paying for?

It's estimated that consumers are actually paying an incredible 44% more than they need to, based on the required amount of services they use. Is that you?

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The big networks like to bolt-on loads of stuff with their contract phones, which is great if you are someone that can't get enough of everything they offer, such as unlimited data, spam number blocks, phone insurance and more.

How to slash your mobile phone contract to shreds

Ok maybe not to shreds because then you just won't have a smartphone but if you think or know for a fact that you don't use everything you're paying for, it's time to pick up the phone and speak to your network provider the next time your contract is up for renewal.

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Do not use chat or their online platform, this stuff needs to be done the old fashioned way - on the phone, voice to voice.

Ask them to itemise everything you are paying for ad then start shaving stuff off and firmly ask for a better deal if they are serious about keeping you as a customer.

Things that make your mobile contract overpriced

The majority of the cost of your contract phone is the actual phone. When your phone is up for renewal, you should ask yourself if you actually need the very latest iPhone. Even better, you should give your current handset a good inspection and consider keeping it and switching to a SIM only deal - you will save 100s over the course of the year.

But what if my phone breaks, then what? Easy, just have a look in your mobile phone graveyard (that a draw in your home where you keep your old phones) and see if any of them are viable to see you through for a while.

If not, then all you need to do is phone up your network provider again and ask them to switch back to a full contract deal that includes a new phone.

Is phone insurance worth the money?

Well, yes and no. If you have the very latest smartphone and you can't imagine being without it, then you are probably a good candidate for taking out a phone insurance deal.

If however, your phone is nearing the end of it's flashy life and it's not the best thing since sliced bread anymore, you can cancel your phone insurance and see out the rest of your contract until you re-negotiate a new one.

Is unlimited data just a nice sales pitch?

In the UK smartphone users spend 69% of their time online connected to a wifi router, rather than using 3G or 4G signals.

Streaming Netflix on your 2 hour round trip commute to work will no doubt require an unlimited data plan. Streaming spotify all day while out and about will also need a serious amount of data. Failing usage like that, you probably have absolutely no use for unlimited data and by getting a smaller data package you could save yourself around £5 a month or more.

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