Free Stuff Proof - Norway Spruce Seeds Arrived

Another day and another hot freebie comes landing through the letterbox. Our Norway Spruce Seeds have landed!

Free Stuff Proof - Norway Spruce Seeds Arrived

Free seeds are among the most popular free stuff on the internet. Us Brits are a real green-fingered bunch, so whenever we find a freebie offering any kind of seeds, the response is always huge.

When we found this one from Harrington's offering free Norway Spruce seeds, we knew it was going to be popular. The vast majority of free seeds we have found in the past have predominantly been for wildflower seeds or some kind of vegetable seed.

With these Norway Spruce seeds you can grow your very own Christmas tree in your back garden - Imagine that!

Clearly, you're going to need quite a patch of space in your garden to successfully grow one of these but the reward will be well worth the effort.

The free seeds from Harrington's have all run out now but you can see the original post for this free stuff by clicking the link below.

See the original post for this freebie here: Free Norway Spruce Tree Seed Packs.

We first featured this giveaway in early June, so to receive our free seeds in early August isn't bad going at all, just a couple of months for them to arrive.

How long does it take to grow a Norway Spruce?

You might think that growing a fully blown Christmas tree would take several years, so may not be worth the effort. However, the good news is, a Norway Spruce is a fast growing tree known to grow up to 5ft in just one year. Within a year or two from planting, you could have your very own home grown Christmas tree taking pride of place in your living room for Christmas. What a great talking point for guests during the festive months.

If you managed to get one of these free seed packs and need some tips on how to grow a Norway Spruce from seed to tree, just have a look at the website, where they cover everything you need to know. This is the guide we will be using to plant our seeds. Hopefully, in a year's time, we should be able to do an updated news post on the progression of our tree.

This lovely tree boasts 1 inch long dark green needles, which don't drop. These are the best quality Christmas trees you can buy. In fact, The Christmas tree they erect every year in Trafalgar Square is a Norway Spruce gifted to the people of Britain by Norway each year since 1947.

Other free stuff we've received recently

The reason why we write these articles is to prove to our visitors that freebies really do arrive. We often have people write in to say they have applied for so many freebies but nothing ever arrives.

We're not quite sure what's happening with them because we only apply for about 10% of the free stuff we feature and we seem to do pretty well. We've had several free seeds arrive in the post, the most recent is below.

Sweet Pea Seeds Freebie Arrived!

It's not just seeds that we've received in the past. We've also had lots of other stuff. A list of the most recent arrivals is below.

Most recent arrivals

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Keep on freebie hunting!

Don't stop applying for free stuff because there is so much you can get for such little effort. We try and send you to only the most reliable and well known brands to apply for free stuff, so you don't need to worry about being harassed or bombarded with promotional emails.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.

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