Jade Roller

I've recently become a convert to facial massage. This is a fabulous way to promote healthy skin and it is also a massive stress reliever. You can very easily incorporate facial massage into your daily beauty routine, by using a Jade Roller or gua sha stone, give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Jade Roller

What is a Jade Roller?

A jade roller is a small tool that massages your face. The roller-ball element is made of Jade or Rose Quartz. This is a smooth piece of stone that glides delicately across the face. The larger of the two roller balls for use on cheeks and forehead, whilst the smaller one is for under the eyes and more delicate, harder to reach areas. It is best used with a serum or moisturiser to add the overall positive effect, but it can be used gently on bare skin as well.

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Image 1
Instructions on how to use the Jade roller on your face for the best results. Directional arrows show you which way to roll the device to help firm skin.

What are the benefits?

The main benefits that are promoted by the beauty industry of Jade or Quartz rollers are anti-ageing, but in my opinion, that is just for a fast sell. The real benefits lie much deeper. If it helps with ageing then no-one will complain, but it should not be your only goal.

The idea behind using a Jade Roller or equivalent, is to stimulate your face and promote fresh blood flow. It will leave your face bright and fresh and with a natural glow. The motion of the rolling on your face muscles relieves tension and in turn relaxes your muscles that can accentuate deep lines, think of your frown lines. It also firms the skin and increases elasticity.

Further benefits that will be gained from adopting this practice into your beauty routine is that it decreases puffiness, especially around the eyes. It helps drain the lymphatic system by moving fluid that can pool under the skin. This is very detoxifying and great after a hard day at work or late night. The massaging helps to shift toxins that may have built up into blockages. Much like you would massage your shoulders when tense, all the tiny facial muscles need attention too.

How to use the Jade/Quartz Roller

The best way to use a facial roller is with a moisturiser or serum. Apply a generous amount to your skin and then gently roll from the centre of your face outwards and upwards. Aim for an even number of strokes on both sides of the face, I tend to do 8-10 and then move to the next area. When you are applying under the eye area, take extra care, but make sure that you do apply some pressure as this is where fluid can pool and make the under-eye area become puffy. Use the small end of the roller around the eyes and nose.

A nice touch to mix things up in your routine is to store your roller in the fridge, this adds a lovely cooling/soothing benefit and can help ease stress induced headaches. Another good idea is to use the roller when you have a sheet face mask applied. This will add in the nourishing qualities of the mask and firm your skin.

There are loads of tutorials online on how to use the Jade Facial Roller, this is a great resource if you are new to this practice and unsure of the best way to use it for your skincare regime.

Different products that are available.

There are lots of different types of facial massagers on the market that you can choose from. With prices ranging from as little as £10 all the way up to £150+. You can get rollers made from Rose Quartz, Jade, Obsidian, and even Gold-Plated! There are many sets that include a gua sha sculpting tool , which is another tool for massaging. I would recommend that you start with a mid-priced roller, be careful that they are made from what they say, often the very cheap ones are not real Jade.

Make sure that you purchase from a reputable stockist. Used properly it should last you many years, also you need to you clean it after use, you don’t want any build-up of skincare product or bacteria on the roller. A good brand in the mid-range price point is Skin Gym, the Rose Quartz Roller retails at £37.00. If you wanted to gift this to someone then have a look at the lovely gift set by Green People, which consists of Jade Roller and Seaweed Facial Oil for £36.00.

What is gua sha stone?

The gua sha stone is more of a scraping tool, the benefits are the same, but you must use this with a lubricant of some kind otherwise it will tug at your skin. The gua sha stone is from China and it translates to 'scrape sand'. The idea behind it is that you use it in smooth firm stroke over lubricated skin to stimulate blood flow and expel impurities from your blood. Used gently it is just effective as the roller. It is nice to mix up your routine, so your skin does not become too accustomed to the one motion. I have a great set of the Jade Roller and gua sha tool, all packed nicely in a neat box, by a company named, LNESSE, sold for around £15.00.

Do Facial Massagers Work?

There is much debate on whether these products actually make any difference and largely it is up to the individual and how consistent they are with their application. For me personally, I feel that it does leave my face feeling invigorated and very moisturised. By boosting blood flow, you are sending fresh oxygenated blood and nutrients to your skin, which does leave you with a fresh glow and natural brightness. Not only that, the process of the rolling is very meditative and relaxing. Good self-care is so beneficial to your mental health. So, if it doesn’t actually turn back time it will help you feel less stressed, which will certainly help with a healthier outward appearance.

Latest Tech in Face Massagers.

If you want something more radical and speedy then there are loads of electrical facial massagers to choose from. If you are really committed then go for the Angela Caglia Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Sculpting Tool, which boasts of 6000 sonic vibrations per minute, purportedly used by Friends star Courtney Cox. This piece of kit will set you back over £150!

NuFace does a Mini Facial Toning Device that sells itself as an 'at home face lift', there are various size options with the mini option retailing at £167.00, this includes a gel primer to lubricate your face. My bestie is a professional make-up artist and swears by this model, but I can’t quite justify the price, but if it gets results then it is far cheaper than a facelift.

With options to suit all budgets and such good health benefits to be had, it is a good idea to add this beauty regime into your life. It only takes 5 minutes and you will definitely feel and look happier and healthier, win win!

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