Playstation 5 - Customers Ripped Off

The much-anticipated release of the PS5 games console has left some video games fans livid after they discovered their package that was supposed to contain a brand spanking new PS5 games console instead contained bags of rice and other foodstuffs.

Playstation 5 - Customers Ripped Off

It appears that thieves had somehow intercepted a very small quantity of PS5 Games consoles and slopped off with the contents and replaced the packaging with rice, tins of cat food, massagers and other silly items.

The Playstation 5 was officially launched on November 19th 2020 but loyal fans of the popular console pre-ordered their months in advance only to be left dismayed.

In some cases deliveries had been marked as 'Delivered' even though the customers hadn't received anything.

One example of this was MTV journalist Bex April May who posted on her Twitter page saying her PS5 order was marked as 'Missed' on the Amazon website, even though there was no attempt at delivery that day.

To make things worse, later that day, she received her delivery that was supposed to be her Playstation, only to open the package and find of all things 'an air fryer'.

Amazon has launched an investigation into the flurry of complaints and they have urged anyone that experienced this problem to report it to their customer service.

Image 1
Bex April May unboxes her package which was supposed to be a PS5 and instead revealed an air fryer inside.

If you were hoping to get your hands on one of these PS5 games consoles, you're going to have to get in line because the launch was a huge success with all pre-orders snapped up way back in September.

Additional PS5's added to the site after launch were snapped up in minutes.

At the moment, the only way to secure one of these converted possessions is to buy one from a reseller on one of the popular auction sites but be prepared to pay more than twice the original price.

Gamers are waiting with anticipation for further releases of more consoles in the run-up to Christmas.

Click here to watch Bex April May unbox her package that was supposed to be a PS5 games console.

PS5 specs and features

Aside from a massive upgrade in slick curves and lines of the actual box design, the PS5 also comes with a bunch of excellent features to see gamers through the next few years.

  • Backwards compatibility - Means you can play all your favourite PS4 games on the new PS5 console.

  • Digital only edition as an option - It's cheaper because there is no disc drive. All games must be purchased online.

  • Support for expandable storage - Extra storage is a must especailly if you have digital version.

  • Configurable game installations - More support for enhanced personalised installations.

  • Smaller game sizes - Means you can store more games and download them faster too!

  • Cloud functionality - Connect to the cloud for even more features.

  • PS5 Home Screen Upgrade - More dynamic home screen to suit your gaming needs.

Watch casual gamer Marques Brownlee unbox his PS5. A great way to get a feel of the new next-gen games console.

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