Heinz Christmas Dinner Soup Sells Out in Hours

Britain’s family favourite food brand Heinz launched a new Big Soup this month, The Big Soup Christmas Dinner!

Heinz Christmas Dinner Soup Sells Out in Hours

Christmas Dinner in a Can

This month saw the launch of the incomparable Christmas Dinner Soup from Heinz!

This Big Soup is literally a Christmas Dinner in a can of soup. Packed with everything you would see on your plate on Christmas day. Chunks of turkey, potato, stuffing, pigs in blankets, Brussels sprouts and covered in a thick gravy and cranberry sauce.

This year unfortunately Heinz only made a limited-edition tin and with 500 available, and it is no surprise that they sold out within hours of their launch! Their popularity could also be due to all the food shortage reports with consumers worried that Turkey's may be in short supply this year.

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Heinz said the soup is "packed full of big chunks of all your festive feasting favourites: Turkey, stuffing, chunky potatoes, brussels sprouts and even pigs in blankets".

Brand manager for Heinz Soups, Anke von Hanstein said: "It is made for those with a big love for hearty festive flavours and tastes just perfect with a slice of warm crusty bread. "Any soup that includes pigs in blankets and roasties is a winner in our eyes."

It is rumoured that they will return in 2022, as they have proved such a smash hit. So if you were not able to try them this year you may get to next Christmas.

Lucky shoppers that managed to bag a can of the Heinz Big Soup Christmas Dinner will be living it up on Christmas day with their dinner all sewn up in a tin can! It is said to go perfectly with a piece of chunky, crusty bread to dip into your Christmassy soup and why not top it off with a mince pie!

Shrewd shoppers that managed to bag a tin have listed their cans of Heinz Big Soup Christmas Dinner on eBay and we saw one this morning currently bidding at £41.00, with 6 days still left on the auction it could reach double that price. Not bad for a tin soup that only cost £1.50.

See the Heinz Big Soup Christmas Dinner listing on eBay.

On the Heinz website they have detailed instructions on how to prepare this Christmas dinner in a tin. Simply empty the soup into a microwaveable dish and cover. Heat on full power for 2 minutes. Stir, then heat for a further 1 minute if required. Stand for 1 minute. Check the soup is hot before serving and enjoy! Compared to the rigmarole of making a proper Christmas dinner, that is a breeze.

Hopefully next year Heinz will make more than just 500 cans so that more of us can sneak a Christmas dinner on the cheat any day in December.

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Just in case you're toying with the idea of avoiding the hours it takes to make a Christmas Roast Dinner, have a look at this short video showcasing the Heinz Big Soup Christmas Dinner.

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